Jurassic World: After Indominus a story by OmniDragon10.


After the Indominus Rex, Clair and Owen head back to Isla Nublar to meet up with Lowery and find out what to do with the dinos.



Owen is in a forest. It's dark. He's alone. He hears a noise. It wasn't loud, but it was terrifying- a twig snapping. He looks up and sees the Indominus. He stares it down. Tries to make it submit. Suddenly, a bush to his side rusltes as Charlie, the green-streaked raptor pounces on Owen,pinning the raptor trainer to the ground.

"Charlie, no." Owen commands. The dino ignores hi, only digging deeper into the humans flesh.

Owen wakes up next to Claire. He shakes her awake.

"What?" Clair Dearing asks groggily.

"Claire, we need to go back to Nublar."



"Fine. Go to sleep. We'll discuss it in the morning."

"Uh, it is morning."

"Fine. Let's go. We'e going to save Jurassic World, but first," Claire continues, "I need to sleep"

And she collapses.

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