A spoof of the JP movies. By Peenut2k7

Ah, Jurassic Park. A frequently vandalised Dinosaur Park which has millions of fans. It's also a prime target for bronies and pop tarts because Rainbow Dash can be compared to Velociraptors in Brony Logic. And a bunch of Raging T-Rex fans are just there to brag about how Spinosaurus "sucks". But the crowd was mostly bronies and pop tarts. Also theres a sick Triceratops in there somewhere but I dunno. Then a Velociraptor breaks out and a cow breaks out of the T-Rex paddock. The Cow knocks over the jeep, and the raptor eats the toilet. Meanwhile in the Dilophosaur enclosure, Nedry gets shot by a Nerf Water gun and dies from fear of Nerf Guns. Also, these kids climb a tree and killed by a unicycle or something. Then the raptor hunter guy says "Clever Girl" and then a 9000 foot long raptor kills him and then the 9000 foot long raptor crushes the T-Rex and then the T-Rex goes RAAAH and then the 3rd movie because the 2nd movie never happened happens. They all get in a plane and the 9000 foot long raptor falls in the sea and gets eaten by evil cow overlord Scottie Mayfield. And then they crash on Isla Noone Cares and they get hit by Squidward's house. And then they run into the jungle were the T-Rex is, and then Squidwards plays his clarinet and kills the T-Rex. They talk about how Squidward was a Spinosaurus, but everyone says yes and Squidward chases them into the raptor nest where everyone dies except everyone because everyone lived. And then DNO DANG the raptors are eating Gennaro and then Hammond and Wu and Bob and then Tracer Tops. Of course, the Squidward plays his clarinet and then the boat explodes, killing all life on Earth and then the Squidward explodes and the moon explodes and the Earth explodes and the Sun explodes and the universe explodes and then Ian Malcom explodes. Crazy Good!

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