Jurassic Park XI: Welcome to Isla Nuevo, the first story of the PYTHNUT Series 2, is an Upcoming Fiction to be made after Jurassic Park VIII: Power is completed. It will have 50 Chapters, and Five Books. Anyway, the prologue has been released by Peenut2k7. But first, a little summary of the story.

In a new island near Italy, Hybrids are taking over. But just below them, is a world of vastly mutated dinosaurs, some mutations having given way to 120 foot long Baryonyx, and 80 foot Tyrannosaurus Rex Ultimus! But when Underground Dinosaurs begin to escape, and dinosaurs of Isla Tyrannus are exported to this "Isla Nuevo", it's time to tell the Dinosaur Worldees to stay in their caves!

What we know so far, is that the Ice Age 3 World is beginning to seep it's way into Pythnut's Islands. Possibilities and Confirmed bits are going to be listed here, as well as some denied bits.

  • Buck is going to appear. (Possible)
  • Rudy is going to make a comeback. (Confirmed)
  • Momma is going to make a comeback. (Confirmed)
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex Ultimus will appear. (Confirmed, see below)
  • Crusher is going to star once more. (Possible, Most Likely Denied due to staying on Isla Tyrannus, but will appear in Chapter 1)
  • Oxalaia will appear. (Denied, same with Demon)
  • Isla Nuevo will be destroyed in the end. (Possible, but considering Peenut, likely Denied)
  • The Series 1 Hybrids will appear. (Denied, due to BioSyn creating the Series 2 Hybrids)
  • Kong will also appear. (Not the 2017 one the 2005 25 feet tall kong)

Book 1: The Hybridization Project


It is now the year 2017. Isla Tyrannus is undergoing an export to a small island in the Mediterranian, about 10 miles west of Sicily. Isla Nuevo is it's name, an island smaller than Isla Tyrannus, but larger than Isla Sorna is it. Many hybrids are being raised there, and one is called Carnotyrannus Rexstrei. A pack of C-Rex leaps from the bushes, and attacks an imported Tyrannosaurus Rex Ultimus, easily overwhelming the larger dinosaur. The pack feasts, and a new story is sure to follow...

Chapter 1: The New Island

Crusher and Demon are resting on Isla Tyrannus. But when the wake up, they realize everyone is gone! They go into a cave to see if they went there, and they are shocked to find out many dinosaurs live down there. Kentrosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Chasmosaurus, Iguanadon, and much more. They explore the world, and when they are done, they go back to the surface, to find a Helicopter trying to transport them somewhere, trying to tranq them! They escape, but meanwhile, on Isla Nuevo, dinosaurs thrive. A Carnotyrannus brings a T-Rex-U carcass to his pack, and they eat. The leader is named "Snapper".

Chapter 2: The Alpha hunt

When Crusher and Demon are exploring the island they saw a dense forest so they go there and rest

but, they were waken up by a herd of triceratops so they hunt but the main problem is theres an alpha leadingthe herd, so Crusher makes a plan and their goal is to ambush the alpha. When they figured it out they attacked, with Demon distracting the other trikes Crusher faces the alpha while Demon scares the others offCrusher engages a battle against the alpha when the alpha charges to get Crusher's leg it misiss then Crusher bites the neck of the alpha with his 150 ton bite force the alpha's neck broke and killed the alpha.When their done they feasted on the flesh of the alpha while Snapper watches from afar seeing the power of the King and Queen of isla tyrannus. Meanwhile on isla tyrannus the others are waiting and worried of what happened

Chapter 3: The Outpost

When ingen visited the area they created the outpost for expirementing dinos and checking on whats the status of the island, while their working a pack of Carnotyrannus are planning to infiltrate the outpost and kill everyone inside. When their a huge stampede of herbivores are running towards the outpost and to them, and behind the stampeding herd a mutated giganotosaurus breaks the outpost and killed everyone. When the stampede is done the giga is at rage and it faces the pack and was disturbed by Crusher and Demon hunting. Crusher charge at the giga while Demon attacks the pack then the fight has began the giga bites Crusher's neck but is blocked by the armor strength breaking most of its teeth, giga roars in pain but is enraged then it tail whipped Crusher but miss then Crusher bites giga's leg then breaks it , then Crusher kills the giga with a powerful bite to the jungular then wins, on the other side Demon faces the pack leader "Gore" Gore jumps on Demon's back but then is shaken off by Demon , then Demon picks a boulder and slams it on Gore then dies the others try to attack but one was slammed and killed by Crusher and swallowed whole Crusher and Demon roars in victory. and the other pack members retreated ran to their hideout telling Snapper that Gore is killed , Snapper was in rage , and sought to have revenge on Crusher and Demon for killing his only true follower and friend.

Chapter 4: Dawn of the Hybrids

Biosyn has created hybrid dinosaurs to kill Crusher and Demon the first one they created was "Yugato rex" a hybrid of T-rex and Yutyrannus a strong 30 feet tall 60 feet long carnivore with a bite force of 10 tons not as strong as Crusher's but would do damage. The next hybrid is "Dilophosuchus" a hybrid of dilophosaurus and sarcosuchus , a big crocodilian with a bite force of 30 tons a bit more than the first hybrid. And now the final hybrid is "Ultraminus rex" a very dangerous hybrid that is over 47 feet tall and over 90 feet long , this creature is a hybrid of the indominus rex and T-rex Ultimus but the worst is yet to come the most powerful hybrid has escaped the facility and swam to isla nuevo and ruthlessly killed everything in its path , like the indominus rex but more robust and powerful.

Chapter 5: Warfare

Biosyn drops 10 Dilophosuchus to isla Nuevo while Ingen soldiers and scientist are there , the hybrids are roaming around the swamp while the Ingen employees are working while their working the soldiers are looking for samples in the swamp where the Dilophosuchuses stopped to rest , the soldiers uses a mech to transport samples. They were ambushed by the hybrids one mech got ripped off to pieces and died , while two of the hybrids were shot so the soldiers planned to burn the swamp but the general knows that its the Biosyn thats the reason this happened and they started a war.

Chapter 6: The Formidable vs The Formidable

Demon told Crusher that there will be danger in the island ," a hybrid so strong it can kill you" Demon said while Crusher is looking for a cure to heal Demon's very intense fever, so Crusher finds a cure for the sick oxy and stumbled on a big abadoned facility where the Ultraminus rex is resting. When Crusher is searching the U-rex woke up and saw Crusher but Crusher senses something off and didnt mind it, the hybrid waits then pounces on Crusher but Crusher was quick to react then dodges the attack. But the hybrid slashes Crusher's face fives times then Crusher new it was enough , he dodges the slash and bites the U-rex's arm off , but the hybrid uses its other arm to slash Crusher's leg then knocks Crusher to the ground , as the hybrid is ready to make a killing blow Crusher remembers the he saw his family killed by human expirements so he stands up and goes straight to the hybrid's neck to crush it but the hybrid uses its claws to scratch Crusher's eye but only hits the side of Crusher , with Crusher in pain he roars in anger and says "you cant stop me" and Crusher's eyes glow dark purple and his stripes turned dark blue and his bite is even harder than ever from 150 tons his bite force is now at 500 tons , he runs to the hybrid while the hybrid tries to fight back with his claws, mouth, and tail it hits Crusher but Crusher said "is that all you got" with the U-rex shocked it ran away but Crusher outruns it , then Crusher jumps and bites the neck breaking the bones and armor the hybrid died and Crusher roars in victory and finds the cure to heal demon and brings the dead hybrids carcass.

Chapter 7: Alpha vs Crusher

On the island a pack of T-rexs are hunting for food and they saw a giant herd grazing for food to feed their young,while they stalk Crusher is also stalking the herd,when they figured out how to attack then the herd was startled by a big roar from a bigger dinosaur the pack was shocked to see a big Alpha trex the pack flee but Crusher was left standing so they size up and engage to battle Crusher attacks first but get butted by the Alpha but Crusher strikes back and bites the Alpha's side leading a deadly blow and the Alpha bites Crusher's back but is propelled by the armor breaking the jaws and teeth leading a cause of death for the Alpha,Crusher roars in victory and brings it back to Demon and they ate it.

Chapter 8: The Contamination

Ingen has released toxic radioactive dna to the island and it plague the lake and kill everything and anything that touched it except for Snapper he drank some of the lake and got mutated, his bone turned into titanium and his skin and claws are as hard as a 16 layer obsidian plate and he is bigger and stronger than before, he became simboinic and turn into Alphatron. Because of this all he can think is to kill everything including his pack members he even tried to attack a young member of the pack and killed it everything is in danger on the island including Crusher and Demon. He sought to have revenge on them for killing his friend Gore.

Chapter 9: Attack on Isla Tyrannus

Meanwhile on isla tyrannus a big pack of large two headed dragons attacked isla tyrannus while Alan Grant was. there the tyrannolia tribe defends while the forest their home burns to ashes, there are alot of casualties including Crusher's wife Shredder as she was fighting, a huge dragon fought her but it was too strong for her so it rammed her to the hard wall where she died but the children were safe as they escaped to the underground cave they escaped while the others died. But Alan Grant escaped leaving with two ingen scientist and three soldiers.

Chapter 10: The truth

Demon said to Crusher the truth about his mother "Momma" she said "Crusher your mother is still alive" then Crusher responded "But my mother is dead" then she said as a response "No she is not she is trapped by the ingen facility" with Crusher shocked he ask furiously "Why did you tell me this now" then she replied "because I dont want you to get worried" then he replied "I have to find her" Demon replied "I will go with you" so they waited. 5 hours later a huge boat landed on the island it was ingen they tried to infiltrate it and it was sucessful they dwelled inside the storage housing for the dinosaurs and got out off isla nuevo, but as they got to the boat Alphatron followed them he hid inside the second dino storage house and escaped isla nuevo

Book 2: Operation Rescue Momma


Crusher and Demon has set on a new mission to rescue Crusher's mother, while theyre doing this Alphatron followed them to city of New york, can they save Momma? Lets see in this new book.

Chapter 1: The New World

When the ship lands in Crusher and Demon woke up and got out as quick as possible and when they got out they were shocked to see a whole new world, a ingen soldier saw them and tried to shoot them but was killed instantly when that happened other soldiers came in but they escaped and fled to the city while soldiers are searching they were confronted by Alphatron and were all killed.

Chapter 2: The Battle Arena

When Crusher and Demon escaped but later they went back to the ingen facility to watch whats going on and when they took a peak on the window they saw a big cube with cages inside but Demon suddenly remember "oh no" Demon said,then Crusher "whats the matter" then she replied back "this is a battle arena" then he replied "what are they using the arena for?" then Demon replied "its used for fighting hybrids of how strong they are" Crusher replied "lets get out of here" so they ran to the forest and rest there. It was the next day they were both hungry and there was nothing to eat so they find food in the city but found out that it was too dangerous to go to the city so they looked for food on the woods and by the river they see a big carcass of a whale so they ate that but the food looks fresh something could have killed it so they encountered Vindictus a rare creature that equivalent their size.

Tyrannosaurus rex vs Ankylosaurus

A battle between two hybrids

Chapter 3: The first failure

When Vindictus is not scared he attacked Crusher with one one of his tentacles and missed and was bitten by Demon and cutt off the tentacles, the monster roared in pain and slapped Demon and knocked her out Crusher fights it off but failed because theres to many tentacles, with Demon unconsious Crusher failed and was knocked out, as he saw Demon dragged away he tried to get up and unleash his power but the monster threw a big log and blocked his body to move as he watched Demon getting dragged he gave up and just let Demon dragged away to nowhere and Crusher rested but will try to get Demon back and rescue his mom.

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