Imagine a Jurassic Park shooter like this?

Jurassic park games

So true!

I've noticed that many fans would like to have a free roam Shooter game taking place in Jurassic Park. Famous examples of dinosaur shooters are Dino Crisis, Jurassic: The Hunted, Turok and Primal Carnage. However, apart from Trespasser Universal never created a 3D Jurassic Park shooter.

To fill this void some fans have tried to remake Trespasser or recreate Isla Nublar in the CryEngine (Project Crynosaurs) or Half Life (Jurassic Life).

Remaking Isla Nublar with all its wildlife, buildings and dinosaurs is a hard job. An (I think) equally important challenge is this:

How can you make a game in which your avatar travels all over Isla Nublar, shooting dinosaurs and human enemies, and still fall within the film canon?

In this article I've tried to come up with a convincing story.

Jurassic Park media

These Jurassic Park games and comics take place after the events of the Jurassic Park movie. None of them fits in the movie canon. However, they can (or should) be used as a source of inspiration.

  • SEGA CD Game: You are sent back to Jurassic Park to retrieve dinosaur eggs from around the park and put them in an incubator in the Visitor Center. You only have 12 hours to retrieve one egg from every species of dino in the park. Unfortunately, shortly before arriving at the park, your helicopter crashes!
  • Chaos Continues: BioSyn tries to steal dinosaurs from Isla Nublar. Alan and Wolfskin are send by InGen to stop them
  • Raptor I comic: US army, led by general West, takes control of Isla Nublar.
  • Arcade Game: Two InGen Commandos go to Isla Nublar to clean up the Island.
  • Mobile game: Alan Grant and Ian travel to Isla Nublar to stop poachers and mercenaries.

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