The following remake is based on the first jurassic park,that May or may not have a completely different plot and story.Some of the story has also been taken from the novel by Michael Crichton.If any edits are to be made,please ask for authorisation or(If needed to be changed)simply edit,as long as it is not adding an article or chapter.To add an article,please contact the page writer(Electors).

chapter 1

It was rainy,a storm has been brought in from the east,and a British family are forced to dock at a small jungle-covered island.The family consisted of a mother,father and daughter."Mike" darling,shouted Ellen his wife,"Lunch is ready"The rain was dying down,and Ellen set up an umbrella for herself and her daughter Christina,who was already eating her chicken and salad sand-witch.Mike popped the cord off his wine bottle and prepared two glasses,one for him and one for his wife.The rain had stopped,and already the clouds began to break-apart revealing large beams of glistening sunlight that bounced of the face of the still Ocean.The beach is deserted and beyond it,is the large,Dense jungle,that stretches for miles and miles,until it meets the shore-line at the other side of the island,that Mike and Ellen could not reach due to the rain.After lunch,Christina begins to wonder off further down the beach,that her disproves of and exclaims for her not to go too far.Mike then shouts:"for gods sake,let her enjoy herself Ellen" "Darling we don't no what can lurk in those jungles" "Yes,but to get to the jungle she has to walk fifteen meters without us noticing" "I don't no about this" "But I do" Christina began hopping along the sea Line,picking up shells,and washed away-items from Sunken ships,when she heard rustling from a small little bush.

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