The Poster.

Will be made after Jurassic Park VIII:Power.Rules are the same.


A bunch of Random of Velociraptors are Roaming Around North Isla Pena When a Random Baryonyx Pops Out of The Water and Eats Them

Chapter 1

In Isla Pena a Flying Titanoboa is Looking for Food When Rather Suddenly a Pack of 5 Tsaagan Enter The Forest, The Titanoboa Quickly Takes Out 4 of Them and The Last One Continues to Flee as a Indominus Rex Steps On It

Alan Grant Then Wakes Up and Walks To Isla Pena Where He is Chased by a Vicious Velociraptor, However Dr. Sattler Comes Out of Nowhere and Strangles The Raptor to Death

Meanwhile a Achillobator is Fighting a Amphicoelias The Amphicoelias is Brought Down Rather Quickly While The 10 ft Tall Achillobator Feasts On It

Then a Oxalaia Pack Walks Out of a River, They Spot a Ankylosaurus and Try to Eat It, One of The Oxalaia is Killed by The Ankylosaurus But The Remaining 2 Take The Ankylosaur Down

Grant and Sattler are Having Sex in The Back of Sattler's Jeep,  Then a Pack of Velociraptors Come Running Out of The Forest, Grant and Sattler Get Up and Fight The Raptors, Grant Punches Two Out and Shoots Another One While Sattler Stabs The Alpha Female and Breaks The Alpha Male's Neck, After Killing The Raptors Grant and Sattler Continue to Have Sex with Eachother

Then A Baryonyx Walks Near a Cliff But a Beipiaosaurus Attacks Him and Throws Him Off The Cliff.

Chapter 2