Part 1

Many years have passed since jurassic park 3 took place,and already,news reporters are still trying to figure out what is on the island.Channel 9 news,is chosen by Ingen to tour the island for free,if they make a report on why the island is forbidden to walk on.On the day of the tour,8 employees are chosen to "record and report"on the island,these reporters have been chosen for there specialities,such as:weather,eye in the sky,interview,reporter,camera men(two) and two Ingen officers.The chosen 8 arrive at a large airport and find a large private jet waiting for them.In the jet includes:a bar,bedrooms,toilets,seats,cockpit and a large selection of weapons.Feeling nervous is head reporter Amanda,who is,at that moment,recording with her Cameron men,drake and drew. The plain take off and the reporters are given time to rest for half an hour before the plane lands on isla sorna.Amanda(who is not resting)wakes up the new employee Courtney,who is threatened by Amanda several times because Courtney has taken the role of Amanda's lead report on description.Amanda leaves to her bedroom where she spot rather "rat-like birds" with large pointed beaks.Trying to use the camera herself,Amanda shines a blinding light at the rat-like birds(pterodactyls)that obviously irritated the birds into attacking.The largest bird,land on the wing and tears open the engine,that starts to pour out oil and other vital chemicals.The plane jerks to the right and sends Amanda flying out the window where she lands in the old pteranodon aviary,where even more "rat-like birds"emerge from the darkness,who are in desperate need for a meal.The plane land in the deepest part of the jungle,that kills drake and drew,who where both killed when the left engine blew up.We now flash back to Amanda who is fighting for her life(the plane was near ground level when she fell)and also trying not to become the next meal.Amanda reaches for a rock and throws it at the male bird and it falls from the platform,and into the ravine below.Amanda runs through the chained tunnels,until the fog begins to blind her.At that moment,the wing to the plane slices through the bridge and sends nearly a half of the aviary into the ravine.As Amanda climbs up,the large bird she attacked earlier stood before her(with a snapped beak)lifts her up into the air,until letting her fall through the bridge and into the ravine below.

Part Two

Coming soon

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