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Jurassic Park IV: Waterworld is Starscream7's idea of what Jurassic Park IV should be about.


A decade after the Isla Sorna plane crash, top paleontologist Alan Grant, paleobotanist Ellie Sattler and mathmetician Ian Malcolm are summoned by John Hammond whom has hopes for making attracting more tourists by making a newer, more advanced version of Jurassic Park. In the new version, marine reptiles would be added. Hammond states that a fleet of ships called the InGen Voyagers have been sent out toward the far-out coasts of Isla Sorna. Hammond also asks for the trio to go with him to the largest ship in the fleet - which currently housed a giant Icthyosaur tank. Grant asks how the reptiles were created - and Hammond states that modern day reptiles ... such as alligators/crocodiles, komodo dragons and salamanders were all "mutated" with a morphed DNA code. They sat in a cell for approximatly five years (2006-2011) before they were released onto the coast of Isla Sorna. Hammond also noted that the population included Plesiosaurs, Icthyosaurs, Ammonites - prehistoric sharks/fish and a gigantic, 80-foot long Liopleurodon. Pterosaurs were also added to the coast (some were from the Aviary. Grant decided that he would go, seeing that with such a big ship (which was nearly a half-a-mile in length), nothing could go wrong. Sattler soon decided to go as well - and Malcolm decided to as well ... though he said that he would take heavy caution after the two past incidents that he had witnessed. Nick Van Owen, Billy Brennan, Richard Levine and Roland Tembo were all invited to join the crew - and all eagerly decided to participate. Newcomers Brandon Gennaro, Fredrick Williams, Jonathan Carter, Jackson Avery and Michael Carson came as well.

The following day, the crew of around 15 flew in a helicopter to the fleet, and they landed on the main largest one. Once the crew got out, they were greeted by the man in charge of the deck, Roger Carson. He is Michael Carson's brother. Carson showed them around the deck, and he let them see all of the ship's hidden weapons and marine captives (Icthyosaurs). At that point, it was nearing dawn, and the crew was settling in for the night.

Near midnight, Grant is one of the only ones awake on the ship. He is startled when he hears an eerie "roaring" noise that sounded like an echoing groan. He began to sat up - yet lay back down when he heard a loud splash. Peaking out of his room's window, he heard a loud screech as something scraped the hull of the ship. Running out of his room, Grant reached the deck - only to see a black and white hump sticking out of the water partially, nearly 200 meters away from the ship. Suddenly, the hump dissappeared, and Grant began to slowly back up. As his feet reached the stairs, the ship was rocked with a sudden thrust. Grant ran back to his room, and waited several more minutes before going to sleep without hearing any more noises.

The next morning, the crew was on deck - with many people preparing for a dive into the ocean. Nick Van Owen was extremely eager, camera in hand, ready to take shots of whatever might be down in the sea. Nick, Sattler, Avery and four other men dove into the sea with chain-mail suits on, as well as water-proof tasers. At this time, the other ships began to move back toward land - which was approximately twenty miles away.

This scene went on and on, as the divers swam with a group of Hesperonis and followed an Archaleon turtle before stopping next to a Leedsicthys. Suddenly, a stream of blood neared the group, and the colassal fish began to turn quickly. The group swam away from the fish - yet Owen neared it, hoping to get a video of whatever was causing the blood flow from the fish. However, his luck ran out when a Mosasaur - one 40 feet in length - dove over and nearly bit his head off. The mosasaur struck again, eating Nick and sending his camera floating to the surface. The ship's crew retrieved the camera and scared away the marine reptile.

Grant immediately pulled Hammond aside, saying that they needed to release all of the captive creatures. Hammond denied this and walked away. Yet Grant took matters into his own hands by traveling into the ship's interior with Sattler, Malcolm, Billy and Levine close behind. There, they began to view the underwater scenery through a large glass window - and the furious Liopleurodon suddenly stormed upwards and smashed open the window, allowing tons of water to flow in. Everyone began to flee the flooding room and locked up the steel doors to prevent a flood. However, several mosasaurs began to swim through the shattered room and rammed into the doors. Quickly, everyone began to run away, which was a wise choice as the doors burst apart and several mosasaurs flowed through twenty seconds after they began running.

Back on the desk, Roger told Hammond that there was a pressure failure down in one of the tunnels of the ship, which Hammond was not pleased about. Immediately, he decided that they needed to find the safest way to get everyone onto the deck of the ship. But Roger and his brother said that the ship's complex tunnel systems was too hard to get through before they would flood out - which lead to the next thought: the deep sea beneath them would surely swallow the ship whole once it began to sink enough. Roger declared that he and his brother were going to head down and through the ship to find the others. Roland, Gennaro and Avery came as well.

Inside the ship, Grant lead the others down a corridor that had a small trickle of water heading down it. As they began to move down it, they heard a rumbling from behind them, and water began to storm down the hall toward them. The four sprinted down the corridor and made a right turn. They ran up another corridor and proceeded to a left one - but another storm of water sent them flying off their feet. Grant frantically attempted to reach the surface, and when he did, realized that the eight-foot high hallway had seven feet of water of it - and it kept coming. Grant lead the four down the corridor, and when he resurfaced, he found an escape vent. He opened the hatch leading to it and crawled inside with the others - but the only problem was that the hatch was sideways, although there was a ladder inside it - if they slipped, they would plunge back into the water. With Grant in the lead and Levine in the back, they climbed as the water continued to rush through the hallway. Suddenly - a mosasaur sprung out of the water and shot into the hatch, barely missing Levine. Luckily, everyone made it out alright. Grant closed a heavy steel hatch that was on top, which would hopefully seal off the water for now.

In the meantime, Roger Carson walked down a stairwell with everyone close behind him. They all carried harpoons, rifles, and weapons like these. Looking at the map, they determined where the pressure failure had been, and where they may have gone to escape. From there, they could predict their approximate location in the ship. They began to search for them.

Grant decided that they needed to find any stairwells so that they could at least get closer to the surface, where less water would be - although Malcolm begins disagreeing with how this could possibly happen, and how the effects of the flooding ship would surely overcome them all before they could reach the surface. Ignoring Malcolm's speculation, Dr. Grant heads down the hallway to where a stairwell is. As he does so, he realizes that there are windows on the side of the stairwell - which terrifies him, knowing that they're directly next to the sea monsters lurking in the deep. Just then, an explosion of water comes down the hall, and they begin to climb the stairs. It is then that one of the smaller mosasaurs that had snuck inside the ship earlier began to swim down the hall and toward the stairwell. The pressure building underneath the ship began to become too much, and the windows began to crack. More water began to rush down the hall, allowing the mosasaur to swim up the stairwell. Two others accompanied it. As the water reached the windows, they shattered apart.

Grant's group was still climbing the stairwell, although the water was coming in very quickly. They managed to make it to the next floor as the water continued to rise. Finally, Grant found a map mounted on the wall. Apparently, they were about thirty feet beneath the surface, and the boat was sinking, sending them deeper into the ocean. Suddenly, the Liopleurodon's head crashed through the side of the ship, its jaws thrashing in front of Billy and Levine. As water began to shoot into the area - Grant, Sattler and Malcolm began heading up without them, and Billy and Levine were forced down the stairwell by the water. The weight of the Liopleurodon brought down a huge section of the stairwell well - causing it to collapse, blocking Billy and Levine from Grant and the others. As the two stood still while staring at the huge mount of debris, water slowly began to creep through. Realizing that the water would build up and bust out soon enough, Billy and Levine began to run down the hall. Above, the water began to rise and flow rapidly down the hall Grant, Malcolm and Sattler were escaping in. Billy and Levine had run sixty feet before the debris burst apart and water shot through. They found a working elevator, went up one floor, and found the others running. Grant, Sattler and Malcolm leapt into the elevator just as the water began to flow down the hallway.

In the meantime, Roger Carson lead his group down a hallway with water up to their chests. Looking around cautiously, they kept a careful lookout for the others. To be aware if anything was in the water, Avery ducked his head down and looked around. He saw nothing - but when he looked up and out of the water, he saw the dark form of a mosasaur speeding toward them forty feet away.

As the elevator continued rising, it suddenly stopped and jerked to the side...


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