This is made by Cena54 please do not edit without my,Peenut's,or Pythor's permission.

The Poster.

Chapter 1:Oxalaia vs Spinosaurus

Oxalaia is walking through the woods looking for food and sees a Spinosaurus and snaps its neck kills it.An hour later a Tyrannosaurus and they start roaring at each other.Then a few minutes later Oxalaia snaps Rex's neck and Oxalaia walks off and a velociraptor jumps on Oxalaia and tries to scratch the eye but Oxalaia bites the tail and eats the raptor whole.

Chapter 2:Tyrannosaur

Tyrannosaurus Rex

The Male Tyrannosaurus Rex Ultimus!

A Tyrannosaur approaches a herd of Amphicolias.The Tyrannosaur is a male Tyrannosaurus Rex Ultimus.The Rex is revealed to be 30.5ft tall(9m),65ft long(20.2m),and 40 tons(80,000lbs).It is an adult,one of the strongest out there.It attacks a sick Amphi.and jumps on it's back,killing the Titan.A Mapusaurus roars at the Tyrannosaurus,wanting the kill.The Mapu bites the Rex's neck and knocks it down! The King won't give up,he uses his arms to slice open the carcharodontosaur's back.The Tyrannosaurus crushes the Mapu's skull,and snaps it's neck.The Tyrannosaur goes back to the Tyrannolaia Tribe with it's prey.

Chapter 3:Carcharodontosaurus vs Humans!

Humans are walking when they see a Carcharodontosaurus eating a dead titanoceratops.Then Alan pulls out a sniper a tries to shoot it but he knows it will alert the carnivore.Then he pulls out a tranquilizer and shoots the carcharo in the head and carcharo falls to the ground,asleep.


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