Las Cinco Muertes- 207 miles from Costa Rica


It was a stormy night, waves crashing and the raining pouring down.

"Lousy weatherman" Arnold Lopez thought.

He is a young fisherman (40 years of age) that has fished in the Costa Rican waters for almost two decades. And he is the only fisherman who is bold enough to fish near the Las Cinco Muertes and to ever return from them. He has been fishing around these islands, even before Ingen took Isla Sorna for their dinosaur operation. And since he knew that Isa Sorna is crawling with dinosaurs, he only fishes around the northwestern part of Isla Muerta, an island northeast of Isla Sorna, since that he thinks that there are no dinosaurs there and he always get more fish from that island anyway.

Even before Ingen, Arnold was called loco loco crazy for fishing by those islands because they believed that they are cursed and heard stories of other fisherman who came too close to island and never returned. But Arnold Lopez didn't believe in the stories and fished there since he was 22 years old. And since he never had an incident, with dinosaurs or with curses, he built up the confidence that nothing wrong can happen to him.

To him, this storm doesn't count.

As he steers his wheel, he really wishes to be back to the mainland with a hot cup of coffee and his sexy girlfriend. He chose this fisherman lifestyle because both that he loved the sea and hated his father, who wanted him to take the job of farming and abused him and his mother at the process. He always felt that when he goes to sea, he can just get away from the pain that his father has inflicted on him. Along with his dark mustache and hair, one could see a scar across his face that he got from his father's knife.

"Alright amigo," Arnold said to himself. "just a little longer and you can go-"

He was interrupted by a violent pull from behind. He cursed and wondered what caused that. Quickly, he assumed that some coral or rock must've caught the net. He got himself up and went outside to inspect the net. Fighting the wind, rain, and rocking of the boat, he got to the net noticed something odd:

The net is missing. Rope and even part of the crane has been pulled off. Frustrated by this, he starts cursing. And suddenly, without warning, the boat has been violently shoved around by some force from the water.

A common man would think that a wave did this, but Arnold knew that it was no wave, he knew that-

Another violent shove hits the boat, only it tipped over the boat this time and it sent Arnold Lopez out flying. When he hit the water, he almost lost consciousness. Dazed, confused, and struggling to swim in the violent storm, he tries to understand what just happened.

Then, he sees that something is still hitting his boat and the boat is sinking.

Before he could make any sense of this, a terrible pain struck his right leg and violently pulls hims under.

The pain was like a car slamming against his leg and the pull was like a race car pulling him a top speed.

While fighting this pain, he tries to fight off whatever has him, but to no avail. It was too dark for him to see what his attacker was, but he need that it wasn't a shark (he knew a man who was attacked by one once). He struggled and struggled, but nothing's working.

Suddenly, the attacker lets go of his leg . . . and snaps down at his torso with immense force. With this, he lost his breath and the world is starting to turn dark as the pain got worse.

His final thought was "Heh, my luck ran."

The Keeper

Pueblo Zoo logo


"I know, I know, you hate this."

Richard Sattler, a 22 year old brown haired Caucasian man, is dealing with Taz, a young male lion, who is needing his medication at the Pueblo Zoo in Colorado.

And Taz is not liking it one little bit, even within a squeeze cage.

Taz snarls and roars straight at Richard's face.

Richard, unfazed by it, continues to try and calm Taz down.

"Hey hey now, stop being like this" Richard said.

Then, as quick as a flash and accurately, he got the lion his shot and retracted before Taz could respond.

After that, Richard picked up a piece of meat, rewarded Taz with it for good behavior, and let him back to his ladies.

As he got up, a fellow keeper named Jennifer came up to him and asked "How did Taz do today?"

Richard responded "He did well. Complained a little bit, but he did well." As he started walking down the lion house, Richard asked "Are there any large number of visitors today?"

Jennifer sadly shook her head and said "No, unfortunately. In the last 5 hours, only 6 people arrived today: a family of two adults and two kids and a couple. The family didn't stay very long, because the kids complained and said that they wanted to see dinosaurs in stead of, and I quote, 'stupid old animals'."

"Hah, and I was told that dinosaurs were the old ones." Richard joked.

Jennifer giggled a little and when they walked out of the lion house and set up the security system, she sighed and said "Ever since San Diego, people wanted to see dinosaurs instead of our modern animals."

Richard nodded. He knows the whole situation. He has friends who are paleontologists who complain that people wanted to see live dinosaurs instead of fossils. But he knows that zoos aren't doing any better as well on this issue. With the incident at San Diego, it made people know about Isla Sorna and Ingen's dinosaurs and ever since then, people have been wanting to see dinosaurs instead of the animals that are already in zoos and particularly no one cares about endangered species anymore. So, zoos are struggling to keep their operations up and some are shutting down because no one was coming to them. Richard knew that there are some zoos trying to be dinosaur-themed, while still exhibiting regular animals.

Richard has nothing against the dinosaurs of Ingen, but he just wished that they didn't affected his zoo career and his major. He remembered when his sister told him about Isla Nublar when the dinosaurs became known to the public, it really got his attention and reading the books of Ian Malcolm, his sister's ex-boyfriend Alan Grant, Lex and Tim, Sarah Harding, Eric Kirby, and very type of data about Ingen's dinosaurs. He, like almost everyone else, was eccentric about these animals, but he still loved the animals that are already here and not brought back to life in a lab. Richard is a student at CSU Pueblo and is studying to be able to go to CSU Fort Collins to study animal behavior. He loved coming to the zoo and since his first semester, he started volunteering at it. With being his summer semester, he now works part-time at the zoo.

As they walk to the staff center, Richard took a look at his and saw that it 11:45 PM. He's gotta get going to catch his plane to visit his friend Daniel in Brazil. He turned to Jennifer and said "Well, I gotta get going. I'm gonna clock out and get going, see ya in a week?"

Jennifer nodded and said "Alright, see ya then."

After that, he clocked out, told his fellow workers adios, and went to his truck. As he drives out of the parking lot, he prayed that the zoo would get some more visitors so that they won't go bankrupt.

The Plane

Passenger plane 1

"Hurry hurry hurry!!"

Richard Sattler tells himself as he rushes to his plane. He is falling a little late because he thought that he had time to help someone out. He helped the individual and realizes that he's gonna miss his plane.

Finally, he got to his gate, showed his ticket, and walked to his plane.

When he got into the plane, a pretty-looking flight attendant brunette said "Hello, welcome aboard."

Richard simply smiled, nodded, saw the attendant's name tag (April Vanessa), and said "Thank you, Miss Vanessa."

After receiving a nod in return, Richard continues to walk through the plane, being careful not to accidentally disturb a snoring first-class man and dodging the dropping bags of other passengers. He noticed that this plane was not as packed as he would expect in a plane such as this.

As he sits down at his seat, which is at the left of the plane and his seat is near the alley, he noticed that he in sitting by a pair of dirty blond kids, a boy and girl that look around the same age. The boy is wearing a camouflage t-shirt and a pair of jean-based shorts and the girl with a purple t-shirt and a pair of silver jeans. They both were looking at a photograph that seem to be a picture of them and a pair of adults, presumably their parents. And they both looked pretty gloomy.

Richard knew what is going on here: he figured that these two's parent went through a divorce and these kids are going to visit one of their parents. Feeling a bit sorry for these kids, he felt that he should cheer them up.

"Are you kids visiting one of your parents?" He asked them.

They both looked at him and while the girl just went back to looking at the photo, the boy nodded and said "Yeah, we're visiting our dad in Brazil."

The girl looked sharply and angrily at the boy and said "Jacob, you know that mom told us not to talk to strangers."

"I know, I know," said the boy named Jacob "get off my back, Ashley."

Richard laughed a little and said "In that case, my name is Richard Sattler and I am heading to Brazil as well, to meet an old friend of mine."

The boy, Jacob, looked at me and asked "Sattler? You wouldn't happen to be related to Ellie Sattler, are ya?"

Richard nodded and said "Yup, Ellie Sattler is my older sister."

"That is so cool." Jacob grinned from ear to ear.

"Oh come on," the girl named Ashley said, while rolling her eyes. "just because that he might be related to Ellie Sattler, doesn't make him cool."

"So do you know Dr. Alan Grant?" Jacob continued to ask.

"Yup, good man." Richard nodded.

Ashley put her hand to her face and said "Oh brother, I lost him."

Richard had to chuckle at that one.

As they talked, Richard has learned that their last name is Smith and their father is Michael Smith, who studies the wildlife of Brazil's rainforest. Their parents have divorced at two years ago and they are still trying to get used to this.

Then, they hear and noticed that the plane about to take off. As they get ready to take off, Richard starts to become nervous since he does not like the taking off and landing for he feared that the plane might crash and blow up. This got Jacob laughing and even Ashley giggled at this.

As they took off in the air, Richard tried to calm himself down continued to talk with Jacob.


After a couple of hours of air travel, the announcer tells the passengers that they are about to fly over the border of Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

This announcement didn't exactly helped Richard out a bit. It has a while since his plane traveled from Denver to Dallas, Texas and allowed him to actually spread his legs. But, he regretfully didn't take too much time on it and now, he wants to actually reach his legs and the cinnamon pretzels from the flight attendance didn't exactly help.

Trying to calm himself down, he turned to the window. There, he finds the two kids snoozing about. He smiled at the sight and thought it would be generous to get a blanket for them.

Asks gets the attention of the nearest flight attendant, who just happens to be April Vanessa from earlier.

"Yes, how may I help you?" She asked with a smile.

"Can you get get a blanket for these kids?" Richard whispered.

"Yes sir." She replied. Then, she went to the top compartment, opened it, and brought it out.

As she gives it to Richard, he replied, quietly "Thank you."

"You're welcome." April responded at the same sort of volume. When she left, Richard spread out the blanket and gently laid it over the kids.

After setting the blanket up so that the kids can be comfortable, Richard sighed, relaxed, and tried to take a nap himself.


The loud noises made Richard almost jump out of his seatbelt. Along with that, people started screaming and when Richard looked over the seat in front of him, he sees the problem:

He sees a group 5 people (two woman and three man) with guns in their hands, pointing at the passengers.

Terrorists! Oh great., Richard thought panicky.

Then, a fit-looking man with brown hair walked up and said "Now people, calm down and let me tell you whats happening and what you need to do."

Richard figured that this guy must be the leader.

"Lets make this simple to the lot of ya. You listen to what we say and no one gets hurt. Call me Charlie and our business is our own. Oh, and please no senseless heroics, don't want to spill some blood here. We just need to make a few calls and if things go well, you guys will be heading back to Brazil in no time."

He walked back to the front of the room, spoke some commands to his comrades, and said "And just to make sure that you guys don't try anything, I will get my friends here to collect your cell phones, satellite phones, or any sort of communication devices that you have on had."

Then Richard saw that one of his comrades, a big black man, started carrying a suitcase and telling people to put their cells and such in it.

"What's going on?"

The voice sounded tired and when Richard turned around to see the source of the sound, he realized that it was Jacob waking up.

Richard quickly did a soft shush and whispered "Just act like you're asleep."

Confused, Jacob asked "Why?"

"Cell phone or anything of the sort, now!"

Richard turned and sees the the man has come to his seats.

Jacob was obviously confused and stunned by this, but he quickly realizes what has happened: their plane has been hijacked by terrorists.

Mayday Mayday

Passengers plane 2

It been some time since the hijack.

The only thing that anyone can tell about this hijack is that they wanted someone to pay them up. Who? No one knows. Also, according to the terrorists, they changed the plane's direction westward, over the Pacific Ocean, of the coast of Cost Rica.

"Hello passengers," Charlie, the leader, spoke through the speakers, "in any moment now, unless our 'accountant' pays up, we will soon be over the legendary island of Isla Sorna, the land of dinosaurs! Feel free to let us know if you want a literal inside scope of a T-rex."

"Oh brother," the boy, Jacob, sighed.

'Agreed.' Richard thought.

Richard was surprised that Jacob is handling the situation relatively nicely. He would expect him to be freaking out about all of this.

"Been watching too many high action movies and been reading survival books more than doing homework." Jacob mentioned earlier, which Richard kinda chuckled at.

But Jacob's twin sister, Ashley, is not doing so well about all of this.

She is pretty spooked and is seems to be silently crying, especially after one of the henchmen told her to be quiet in a threatening sort of manner. She would've been kicking and screaming if it wasn't for the flight attendant, April Vanessa. Now, she's just in April's arms, just silently crying, with April calming her down.

Richard looked at April and he can tell that she was scared herself. To try and comfort her, he placed a hand on her shoulder, squeezed it, and gave her a reassuring look. While one can tell that she is still a bit scared, she seems to have taken that pretty well and seems to have relaxed a little.

After that, Richard looked around. He can see that the passengers are all responding to this is different ways: some are praying, some are trying to comfort each other, some are silently crying, and others are like him, trying to stay calm.

"I hope nothing goes wrong." Richard silently said to himself.

Then suddenly, the whole plane jerked downwards violently and quickly. Richard noticed that he and the passengers are practically either flying to the roof or are jerked out by their seatbelts. He noticed that the kids are being jerked by the seatbelts, while April is struggling to not fly to the roof. And the terrorists were among those who were flying and air masks suddenly dropped out of the roof.

"WHAT THE *beep* IS GOING ON?!" Richard asked loudly.

Instead of a reply, Richard heard April screaming "HELP ME, SOMEBODY!"

Richard reached out to her and grabbed her hand, but he is struggling to bring her down.

"JACOB, ASHLEY, HELP ME GET HER DOWN!!" Richard asked loudly.

Ashley was panicking, crying, and screaming all at once, but Jacob reached out and helped Richard. They struggled but they were able to get her to a empty seat near them. When she got to it, she buckled herself in.


Richard and the kids did just that and got themselves ready. At this moment, Richard noticed that the plane is definitely NOT pulling up and he also noticed from the view from the window, they are closing in to the ocean and he can even see the islands.

He made a swift prayer, silently saying "Lord, if anyone of us is gonna die, let it be me and let April and the children live and get rescued."

Suddenly, an EXTREMELY tough thud and Richard passed out.


Richard . . .


Richard Sattler . . . .

Richard's still not responding.

Wake up Richard, its not your time yet . . . wake up.

Richard started to gain conscious.

"Richard, wake up!"

"Mister, you need to wake up."

The moment he woke up, he saw and felt what happened.

He, the kids, and the flight attendant are on a inflatable life-raft and they're all wet cold with salt water. Then, he saw the wreck. There are parts of the plane floating and some parts in the process of sinking. He was surprised there wasn't an explosion.

"Are there . . . " Richard weakly asked. ". . . any survivors?"

The flight attendant, April Vanessa, shook her head and said "We have seen some . . . who didn't make it, but there's not a lot of them and I kinda just woke up in this boat like you, so we don't know."

"And this inflatable boat?" Richard asked.

"This is Ashley's boat." Jacob said. Richard turned to Ashley, who seems pretty quiet, and asked "Your's?" She just replied with a nod.

Before Richard could ask anything else, Jacob answered for him "Our mom is a safety freak, she packs us up with particularly a whole store . . . in each one of us. Never thought that it would be a good thing."

Richard chuckled and said "Well, Eric Kirby survived on Isla Sorna by taking his dad's own advice."

"And Alan Grant's."

"That too."

Richard sat up, felt a little bit of a headache, and said "Alright, we've crashed landed on the oceans by the Las Cinco Muertes, we might be the only survivors from the crash, and we've lost our stuff in the plane-"

Jacob interrupted "Not exactly. We got Ashley's survival bag and your bag."

"Well, do we have anything to contact anyone? Anything useful?"

"Well, we got a GPS, but not cellphones."

"Yeah, all thanks to those terrorists."

Rchard disappointedly sighed and said "Well, the GPS can help us with our location. But all the same, we don't have a way to contact the Site B Ranger Station. So this brings us to this: do we go to Isla Sorna, which is farther, and walk to the Ranger Station or do go to Isla Muerta, which is closer, and wait?"

All of them were pretty quiet on this, until April asked "What do have to loose on either of them, Mr. Sattler?"

"Well, we go on Isla Sorna and walk, we might get eaten by carnivores or trampled by an angry grazer."

This made April pale.

"But if we go to Isla Muerta, the only thing we would probably" worry about not being sighted by the island's patrol unit."

Then she asked "And are you sure that there are no dinosaurs on that island, Mr. Sattler?"

Richard answered "As far as I know, I don't think so. And call me Richard."

"Okay, thanks Richard."

After nodding to April, Richard takes a look at both Isla Sorna and Muerta and thinks to himself 'Well, Isla Sorna is too far and even if we get there, we're not equipped to survive any of the predators on that island. I don't think that we could even last a mile on the coast. I could probably get there by myself, but I can't leave these guys on the coast or waters, especially if Spino makes an appearance.'

Richard knew that Alan Grant and his team have relocated that Spinosaurus to remote area on Isla Sorna . . . about a dozen times! That Spinosaurus always finds a way to get back to it old territories, much to Grant's dismay. But all they could do is relocate it since Hammond's preserving laws prohibits the killing of any species, even that one.

Then, he took a long look at Isla Muerta and thought 'Well, Isla Muerta could be safer and I'm pretty sure that the rangers might've gone there every once in a while, so there's hope for us.'

Richard sighed and said "Alright guys, my decision is that we go to Isla Muerta. What about you guys? You agree?"

April and the kids looked at each other, seeing what the other one would say.

Then, surprisingly, Ashley was the first to say something "If it's safer, then I agree."

Jacob just smiled and said "Wherever my sister goes, I go."

April looked up and said "If you are sure, then I'll go."

Richard nodded and said "Alright, now lets find something we can use for paddles and get to that island."

Suddenly, a clip came up and a voice says "Not a bad idea."

Richard and his crew turned and saw what made both of those noises: two of the terrorists are standing on what seems to be part of the plane. One of them is a woman with short black hair and the other one is the man who took the cellphones earlier. And they both have a handgun in their person. And they're having a hard time trying to stand still on their little 'raft', they just kept on wobbling and making splashes.

The woman spoke again, while still pointing her gun at them "Now, you guys are going to take us to that island and we're gonna attract attention of those rangers and get out of here."

Richard and the others were speechless, they seriously don't know what to do now but agree.

But before either side could say anything, a force moved both their rafts from beneath.

Both parties are obviously spooked by this and the woman spoke first, asking "What the hell was that?"

Richard looked at the water and there, he saw something: A big dark shadow swam under them and from what Richard could tell, it was a little over forty feet long.

When it disappeared in the blue of the sea, Richard heard Ashley whispered "Is it the spiney-saurus?"

Jacob answered her, quietly, "Spinosaurus and no. If it was, we would've seen it's fin."

Richard nodded in agreement. Besides, from what he has read on Ingen's Spinosaurus, it would've just attacked them right there and then, not going around all sneaky like.

After while, one of the terrorists returned to pointing a gun at them and said "Now with that gone, lets return to the business of-"

She was suddenly interrupted by a huge set of jaws that lunged to the terrorists from underneath, along with sending ALOT of water splashing at the other party. Richard's group closed their eyes to avoid the saltwater from getting into their eyes, so neither of them were able to see what the animal was. They did though heard the terrorist's screams of pain. When Richard opened his eyes, all he saw was a large dark brown blur sinking straight down into the water, with the terrorists in its mouth.

After that, the waters seemed calm again. But with only one difference . . . . some blood was on the surface.

After seeing that, April screamed "WHAT THE-"

She was quickly interrupted by the Richard, whose hand covered her mouth.

"Shhhh," he said, quietly. "You want it to come back?!"

April shook her head. Then, Richard let go and April asked "Sorry. What was that?"

Richard shrugged and whispered "I have no idea, but the thing I know was that it wasn't the Spinosaurus."

Jacob asked quietly "Was it a Mosasaur, the one from Isla Nublar?"

Richard replied "No, Ingen stated that they've only cloned one Mosasaur and it was destroyed."

"They didn't say that they've cloned a Spinosaurus."

"They didn't knew that they cloned one, they thought that it was a Suchomimus, didn't had the sail as an infant. And I'm pretty sure they know that a mosasaur looked like when born."

"Then what could it be?"

"I don't know, I just don't know."

Then, Richard remembered something he's read in the list that Ingen put up, something about an unidentified-

"Richard," April whispered, shaking his shoulder. "how do we get to the island without that . . . that . . . thing attacking us?"

Richard thought about it and said "I believe that it attacked those guys because of the splashing and movements they were making. If we paddle our way to island very carefully and slowly, it wouldn't think that we're food."

April and the kids agreed, found some pieces and such to be paddles, and they made their way to Isla Muerta . . . . . . carefully and slowly . . . .

The Beach


Finally! April, the flight attendant, thought to herself.

After over an hour of hot, exhausting, and slow paddling, they've made it to the island, the one called Isla Muerta.

And they've gotten quite a view . . . . . and a crowd.

The view was stunning. It was a classic sandy beach, with shearing mountains and cliffs behind it, seeming to be like a sort of barrier.

And the crowd that visited them were what none of the survivors ever expected to see on these islands.

"SEALS!" screamed Ashley, the girl.

"No, they're sea lions." Her twin brother, Jacob, corrected.

He was right. On the beach, there seems to be either dozens or hundreds of sea lions barking, sleeping, basking, and doing other activities on the sandy beaches. And even some are swimming around the group's raft, being so curious about the humans.

"Yeah," Richard said. "these are Costa Rican sea lions. They are related to both the Californian sea lion and the Galapagos sea lion. They are an endangered species, thought to be wiped out in many places and this area is one of them. Before Ingen came around, they were being wiped out by the natives here decades ago. And then, Ingen came around and it was believed that the sea lions were wiped out from Isla Sorna by the carnivorous dinosaurs, especially Spinosaurus."

"Then why don't they know that they are here?" April asked.

Richard shrugged and said "They know, but they don't do anything about it since they're more worried about the wildlife on Isla Sorna and they let the sea lions recover."

Minutes later, the group reach to the beach. April and the kids collapsed with relief . . . until they saw a huge sea lion opening its mouth and moving towards them.

"C'mon guys," Richard said. "this is the dominant male of the group and he wants us out, now."

They then got up, got quite a distance away from the group, and they all collapsed with relief.

After several minutes that felt like hours, the group sat up and talked about the situation.

"Well," Ashley asked "what do we do now?"

Richard answered "Well, we need to get to the southern part of the island. Jacob? do you still have that GSP?"

"Yeah, right here." Jacob answered, giving Richard the GPS.

Richard looked at the device and then shows the group, saying "Okay, we are right here *points at the western point of the island, beside the mountain/cliff range*. So, we need to start walking south. When we get there, we'll find a way to get to the attention of the rangers patrolling Isla Sorna's coast, like with a fire or something quite obvious to them. Though it would be quite a walk."

"Why can't we just use the raft to paddle by the coast?" April asked.

"Well, that creature could still be there and we don't know if it could go on land or not. And I don't know about you, but I am NOT interested in redoing the slow paddle routine again."

April looks at the water, which are full of swimming sea lions, and said "No thank you, not going through that again."

"Alright. Now, if everyone's all rested, lets get going. If we could there before sunset, we'll be sleeping in beds by tonight."

With that said and in mind, they all got up and started the long walk down the beach.


After a while, the group is still walking down the beach. With the exceptional stops for rest, the group just kept walking with no end. The kids did complained a bit and after several complaints, Richard and April each carried a kid on their backs. Richard has Jacob on his back and April has Ashley on her's.

As they walked down the beach, Richard noticed that the space between the water and the cliffs ranges from 10 to 100 meters in width, seemingly leaving enough room for the sea lions at high tide. There's also something Richard noticed strange about the sea lions' behavior.

"Strange . . ." Richard said to himself.

"What's strange?" April asked.

"Its the behavior of these sea lions, its pretty strange for sea lions."

"How so?"

"Well, in sea lion society, the dominant male is the one who rules over the group and the groups are usually relaxed, like hippos. But these act differently. You see those adolescent sea lions around the groups? They seem to be like sentries, watch guards if you will. And you usually don't see this in any other sea lion populations in the whole world. This behavior also worries me."

April asked, uneasy like "Why's that?"

Richard answered "This seems to be like a responding behavior to predation from land."

"But didn't you say that this island is safe?"

"It should be-"

Richard was suddenly interrupted by the sound of a combination of panic and loud splashes. When they've looked at the direction of this noise, they saw something that neither of them expected . . . .

A large animal, seems to stand up to 10 feet high and about about 28 ft long. It has a balancing tail and relatively long arms with sharp claws, with one large claw on each hand. But the most interesting feature of this creature is its head. Being held by a thick and semi-S curved neck, the head seemed quite crocodilian, with two knob-like features in front of where its eyebrows would be. Also, its coloration seems of be cream-white on the bottom of it's head, neck, chest, belly, and tail, along with swamp green-brown on the top. And the creature is speed walking towards a nearby group of sea lions.

With features, Richard noticed that this is a spinosaurid. But it wasn't a Spinosaurus, but its a much smaller relative of it. But the main thing thats dominated his mind was this:


Meanwhile, the spinosaurid headed through the group and seems to have grabbed a large sea lion by its back flippers. While the sea lion was about turn around to attempt to bite the dinosaur's face, the dinosaur actually threw the sea lion more inland, about 10 meters away from the point where it was.

After that, the dinosaur walked towards the sea lion, which seemed to be dazed by being thrown and hitting the ground. When it reached the sea lion, the dinosaur quickly grabbed the sea lion by the neck, lifted it up, and the dino swiftly threw its head down like it was using the sea lion as a whip. It has done this several times until it seems that the sea lion is no longer moving.

Sensing that the sea lion is dead, the dinosaur then grabbed the sea lion in a different way and is using its claws to seemingly rip the sea lion's body apart.

Richard wasn't too bothered by this scene, since he's seen this sort of scene on wildlife documentaries and even in the wild. But April didn't like it too much, turing away from the gruesome scene.

Then, she asked "What is that?"

Richard kept looking at the site and said "If I'm mistaking, it seems to be a Baryonyx walkeri, a smaller relative of Spinosaurus. Apparently, it has dealt with the same double-crested mutation that the Spinosaurus has gone through, which caused by-"

"Would it hurt us?" April asked impatiently.

"I don't think so," Richard answered. "I don't think so. Baryonyx is said to be piscivorous, a fish eater, with occasionally eating smaller animals and carrion to supplement its diet."

April looked back at the Baryonyx, which is eating the pieces that it has ripped off, and asked "What is it doing here?"

Before Richard could answer, they both heard a roar that sound like a combination of a shriek and a burbling noise. They've looked behind the Baryonyx and noticed that it was another Baryonyx, though it seems to be smaller than the first one.

"Oh boy." Richard said.

"What?" April asked.

"That other Baryonyx is hungry and he's gonna get beaten and he might go after us."

After he has said that, he noticed that Jacob is waking up, asking "Whats going on?"

Richard quickly answered "Don't worry, just don't panic."

"Why?" Jacob asked.

Before Richard could say anything, they all heard a louder version of that roar. It came from the first dinosaur and the other dinosaur is definitely not wanting to challenge it.

Jacob looked at this with wide eyes and said "I thought you said that there are no dinosaurs on this island."

"Apparently, I can be wrong." Richard answered.

Then, Richard heard April said "Richard, that Bary, baryrex, whatever is looking at us."

Richard looked and saw what April said:

The smaller Baryonyx is looking at the group and seems to be stalking them.

"Oh boy," Richard thought. "we're in trouble."

The View


With the nearly 20 ft long Baryonyx chasing after them, Richard and the group of survivors run for their lives.

"FASTER FASTER!!!!" The girl, Ashley, commanded.

"I AM, JUST SHUT UP!!" April, the flight attendant, screamed.

Just keep running, just keep running, just keep running. Richard kept saying to himself.

While they are giving the young baryonyx a relatively good chase, Richard knows that they are running in a race that they can not win. From what Richard could remember, Baryonyx was a swamp-dweller and it's feet would be effective for moving on mud, so sand would be no problem for this animal. So, this animal will be on them in like less than half a minute.

They gotta think of something . . . and fast.

Then, from the corner of his eye, Richard noticed that there is a pretty tall dead tree has fallen and seems to useful enough to be used like a ladder up on what seems to be the only shortest section of the cliffs' face yet (about between 35-40 ft high, high as a brachiosaurus can reach).

He then yelled "TO THE FALLEN TREE!!"

After that's been said, the group turn and head to the tree. When they got there, Richard got Jacob off of his back and said "Okay guys, you try to get up that tree and into the woods!"

April quickly asked "What are you gonna do?!"

"I'm gonna try to distract it so that you guys can get a chance!"

The kids quickly said "NO, DON"T DO IT!!"

Richard sees that the Baryonyx is closing in fast and he quickly said "Time to climb, GO!!"

As Richard runs to the Bary's (Gotta give it a nickname, right?) direction, April starts getting the kids up the tree, not without the kids kinda resisting.

With April and the kids trying to climb, Richard got onto the crazy job of distracting a carnivorous dinosaur. As he starts to face the dino, the Bary kept running start at Richard, who gets ready to do his job.

"Come on you crocodilian amateur." Richard quietly said as the Bary closes in on him.

Then, as the baryonyx's jaws come forth to try and snap at Richard's head, Richard quickly rolls off to the side. This action makes the Bary go a little off balance, but not falling all the way.

As Richard got up as quickly as he could, the Bary is ready to take a go at him again.

I bet that this guy is used to got at fish and sea lions, so a human is a new type of prey for it. Richard thought to himself. Facing the Baryonyx, eye to eye, Richard can see the hunger and the desire to hunt in the animal's eyes, it reminds him of Taz from the Pueblo Zoo when its feeding time or when something got him excited.

As the Baryonyx gets ready to strike, a rock suddenly hits its right eye, causing it shriek in annoyance and a bit of pain. Richard quickly looked to his left and noticed that one of the kids threw the rock and were about halfway up the tree.

With the kids and April high enough on the tree and the Baryonyx is distracted, Richard made a quick dash to the tree. As he approaches the tree, he can hear the Baryonyx running after him. As he approaches the tree, Richard jumps up and starts climbing for his life.

As he starts to get higher, suddenly feels a violent jerk on his boot and he realizes that the Baryonyx has a grip on a part of his right boot. After realizing this, Richard tries to pull away, but to no avail. Then, he tried to grab onto a branch, but it snapped. After it snapped, Richard immediately uses it as a bat against the Baryonyx's face, but it won't let go.

Suddenly, Richard remembered a survival technique that he has heard to be used on alligators. With that in mind, he changed the stick's purpose, sticked it in the Baryonyx's mouth, and shoved it down it's throat.

Responding to this, the Baryonyx let go of Richard's boot and shook its head in pain. Taking the advantage of this, Richard suddenly climbed up the tree as fast he could and before he knew it, he made it to the top.

After a little more climbing and help from April and the kids, Richard got on top of the cliff, collapsed, and gasped for air, along with April and the kids. While they were doing that, Richard could still hear the Baryonyx snarling in pain.

Richard looked at the animal, which is walking to where it was before, and quietly said to himself "If only it was on a different circumstances . . . ."

"What?" April asked, who is still gasping for air.

"Oh," Richard replied. "just wished that it wasn't for the fact that it wanted to eat us, I would've loved to study it."

April suddenly looked a bit furious and said "What? You almost eaten by that . . . thing and you now just want to study it?! What are you, a dino-digger?"

"No, I'm a Animal Behaviorist in-training and part-time zoo keeper."

"Well, either way, that thing should've been killed."

"Hey, it was doing what it does naturally, hunt to survive. And it wouldn't had gone after us if you didn't ran after I've specifically said not to run."

"Hey, it was about to go after us anyway!"

"No, it was mostly curious, probably never seen humans before! And it would've not gone after us if we just stood our ground and try to look dangerous, but you had to run and trigger its hunting instinct!"

"Well, all the same-"


They were interrupted by the girl's yelling, which got them standing. Before they could ask, they saw what got the girl screaming:

They see a group of chicken-sized bipedal green lizards, looking at them with a curiosity that Richard has seen in the chickens at the zoo's petting zoo section and at the Galapagos Islands.

Both parties just looked at each other, the only noise is coming from the lizards, which range from chirps to relaxed snarls.

Jacob was the first to speak, saying "Compies!" His loud voice has spooked the animals a bit, making jump and almost freezed (all did it at the same time).

Richard nodded and said "Yeah, Compsognathus trassicus. The trassicus is added because they think that they've mixed the DNA of both the original Compsognathus and the distinctly related Procompsognathus."

April asked a bit nervously "More dinosaurs and are they dangerous?"

Richard answered "Yes, they are dinosaurs. And they can be. They're usually scavengers and predators of insects and small animals, but they could attack large prey if given the chance . . . and lets not give them that chance."

While they start to move, the compies just kept on watching them, following them.

As they walk, Jacob said "Man, these is reminding me of The Birds, only they're on the ground and they're dinosaurs."

"I agree," Richard said. "and these guys are mildly venomous."

"Like a snake?" Ashley asked.

The Compies still follow them, hopping and walking behind them, about 7 feet away.

Richard answered "Yeah, but it doesn't kill you. It just makes you feel a little sleepy, like tranquilizer."

After about 15 minutes of walking, and with the human group acting healthy and not to be attacked, the flock of Compies lost their interest and went off else where.

"Finally," April said with a sigh of relief. "no more dinosaurs, if I had to see another dinosaur again, I would . . . ."

Before April could finish her sentence, she and the group are seeing an extraordinary site on the meadow with conifers around, with a minimum amount of leafy trees:

A herd of at least 30 one-horned dinosaurs strolling through the grass. Besides them, a relatively smaller herd of hadrosaurs (seemingly to be Parasaurolophus) grazing on grass, while some of them looked around with caution. At the treeline, a rhino-sized, four-legged dinosaur with a row of tall, straight up horns on it's shoulder is strolling along. Nearby are a group of three sauropods that look a bit like apatosaurs, but seems to have a neck that covered half of it's body length, and seems to have cattle egrets on their backs. A distance away, a group of pot-bellied dinosaurs that look like crosses between a goose and a giant sloth is browsing on some leafy trees. Above them, they can see small pteranodons, which are blue with a white belly and all have golden colored beaks, with some individuals having the same color on their crests.

As the group stands there watch this view, Richard sarcastically asked "You were saying?"



Walking down the hill, the group were greatly in awe of the sight that has held before them.

Many things have been buzzing through these indivduals' minds and mouths, mostly from the kids.

"Wow, what a view."

"Man, dad would've died to see this!"

"Its like as if I'm in Alan Grant's books."

April, the flight attendant, was also in awe of this (mostly because the sight came after complaining about their previous encounters with dinosaurs).

Richard was in awe as well, but he was mostly stumped.

"How?" he said.

April noticed this and asked "How what?"

Richard answered "How did these animals get here? And why is it that no one's noticed them here before?"

Jacob heard and said "Maybe because that everyone's so focused on Isla Sorna that they've never thought of looking at this island."

Richard smiled and said "Yeah, that is true. When you're so focused on one thing, you tend to forget about the other things around you and not notice."

Richard looked back at the herd of the herd of one-horned dinosaurs, which have stopped to browse on some bushed. Seeing that, he said "But it doesn't explain how these animals got here."

Ashley looked and said "Could they just swam here?"

Richard responded "Yeah, that seems to be the case for some of the species here. The animals that could've been swimmers, that we've seen so far, are the Sauropelta, thats the animal with those spikes there."

The kids and April looked at the animal with spikes going upward, which seems to be watching the group quite cautiously, even though they are quite a distance away.

Richard continued "Same thing seem to be true for the Centrosaurus over there."

April asked "But why can't it just be that Ingen brought them here?"

"Well," Richard answered "for one, Ingen was not in a nature preserve sort of mood back then. And for another, they've only had enough money at the time to do only Isla Sorna."

"Yeah," Jacob said "they've only got Isla Sorna for a factory sorta place for the dinosaur cloning."

While they were talking, the Sauropelta decided that the humans are not a threat and moves on, walking beside the herd of Centrosaurs.

April asked again "Bt what would've gotten these guys to swim over here?"

Richard answered "Well, there are examples of migration instincts that would've gotten animals to migrate somewhere, even if its an area they've never been to before. For example, I knew a rancher would've kept a small herd of bison in his ranch for a while and after a few months, and with it becoming fall, the bison herd migrated over a hundred miles to the Rocky Mountains, while tearing down loads of barb wired fences along the way. Same thing with Canadian geese as well. It might be that the migration instincts of these guys' predecessors must've drove them to go here and maybe the other islands too."

When Richard, April, and the kids reached to the plains, they walked a long distance around the Centrosaurus herd, who's majority is keeping a bunch of curiously-cautious eyes on them.

Richard smirked at this, this behavior reminds him of semi-open ranged cattle. Richard could never understand the so-call "stupid gaze" of cattle. He always assumed that it was either a unknowing city folk thing or just that city folk mostly see Holstein cattle (which he thinks that they are to inbred).

The other members see this in other ways. Jacob sees these animals almost the same way as Richard does, but with more of a childish excitement. Ashley just sees these animals as dangerous animals that people shouldn't be involved with. April's view is similar to Ashley's, but with more fear to it. She was wondering that they would get out of this island in one peace . . . .

. . . or if they could even get out of this island . . . .

alive . . . .

Richard quickly interrupted the group train of thought, by saying "Well, along with getting to the southern tip of the island, we also might need to find any survivors that might be on this island."

Jacob looked at Richard and asked "You really think that there really are other survivors on this island?"

"If we could've survived that crash back there, then it could be possible that others might've too."

"And those two bad guys survived too!" April reminded.

Richard nodded and said "Yeah, they did."

The memory of those two terrorists being devoured by the mystery water animal was not pleasant on any of the members of the group, especially the children. And Richard still couldn't figure out what animal was responsible for the attack. The only thing that could've done it was a creature that Richard read in the species list the INGEN posted, something about a unidentified-


A shrilling scream pierced through the minds of the group and got their attention.

April aksed "What the hell was that?!"

Richard replied "Sounds like someone yelling."

The voice yelled again "SOMEONE HELP!!!!!!!!"

The group turned around viciously to see where the sound is coming from. Jacob was the first to noticed where it came from and yelled "There, in the woods!"

Richard looked at the direction Jacob was pointing and said "Well, lets see if we could help. It could be one of the passengers."

"Or the terrorists." Ashley said.

"Either way, I'm going there." Richard said. Then he turned to the group and said "Now, you kids stay here with April, I'm gonna go and help."

Before the kids were about to argue, Richard yelled "STAY HERE!!!" and ran to the noise.

Holding onto the kids' hands, April quietly said "Please, be careful."

Meanwhile, on the beach------

"Ahh man."

Charlie said while waking up. He felt sore all over and eyes were killing him. He looked over his shoulder and sees that two of his comrades are there, unconscious.

Charlie looked at the sun and cliffs and said "I hope that there was tequila involved in all this."


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