Jurassic Park 6:Deep Waters is a sequel to Jurassic Park 5,it takes 30 years later.


Simon Williams. A 40 year old man,knows much about dinosaurs. He is a Paleontologist. He wears a green T-shirt with a T-Rex drawn on it and blue jeans. He knows how is it,to be with dinosaurs out in the wild,and that Giganotosaurus that barely killed him 30 years ago still haunts his dreams. LEGO game abilities: climbing walls,reassembling bone pieces and lightning up dark areas.

Sarah Smith. A 23 year old woman,she is smart. She wears a blue shirt and black jeans. She wants to be a school teacher,because she is diplomatic. LEGO game abilities: solving puzzles and hacking into computer systems.

Ben Peterson. A 30 year old scientist. He wears white jeans and white shirt,and a yellow jacket. LEGO game abilities:Solving puzzles,scanning for good stuff.

Main Dino:Megasaurus,a spinosaurid that can breath underwater. Height is about 4 meters and a half,length is around 10 meters. (Made up)


When Simon comes home after a year of digging up Dino bones,he gets an e-Mail by an anonymous person. The e-Mail says:

"I know who you are. Meet me in The abandoned docks."

(Note, The characters live in San-Diego)

Same e-Mail was sent to a woman named Sarah Smith. So the both went there and saw a man. "Hello to both of you! I'm Ben Peterson. I need you to do something interesting." The man said. Both went into the docks and then Ben activated an elevator. "When did this come in here?" Asked Simon. "You'll see why it's here" said Ben and the elevator opened up. All went in there. When the elevator stopped and opened,Sarah and Simon saw a mini lab. There were also submarines,two seats in each,and six hydro-costumes with tanks filled up with Oxygen. "So,what do we need to do?" Asked Sarah. "I need you both to explore strange sounds that were recorded last night." Said Ben. "Are we going alone?" Said Simon. "No,there will be two people from my crew going with you." Said Ben. "OK,let's go then." Said Sarah.

Character statuses:




When Sarah and Simon put the hydro-costumes,they saw two people talking to Ben. "Oh,they're here!" Said Ben. "So,you guys ready?" Said the man with black skin. "Yes,we are." Said Simon. All entered in the submarines and went in the water. Everyone kept contact and Ben looked at the screens which were showing the view of the cameras set on the subs. "What kind of sounds were recorded?" Asked Simon. "Well,they sounded like jaws opening and closing real fast,and then the recorder heard some roar-like sounds. Then, in the morning, I saw some blood." Said Ben. " OK then." Said Simon. "Let's just-" Then,Ben lost contact with Simon. "Mr.Williams? Mr.Williams?!" Said Ben. "Ben,what happened to Simon?" Asked Sarah. "I-I-I don't know." Said Ben

Character statuses:

Simon Williams:UNKWOWN

Sarah Smith:Alive

Ben Peterson:Alive

Coming soon.

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