Jp 1.5 is a fan made novel that follows the surviving dinosaurs (in first/third person) on Isla Nublar after the inccdent and napalm bombing (primarily based on origional JP novel)

         The first scene is the Little Rex form the novel huning down a herd of maiasaura only to be interupted by a pack of velocirptor. The raptors scare away the maiasaurs and in a wave of hunger and fury L.T attacks the raptors, killing at least five of them before the pack leader lunges at him and slashes his left eye leaving a dissgusting scar. L.T responds o this by snapping off one of the alpha raptor`s arm and tossing it at a charred ember ladden tree. apon collision the raptor bursts into flames. ( will continue later open to new ideas 12-23-11)

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