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Jurassic Park
Jurassic Park Yellowstone
Points of interest N/A
Notable Inhabitants Humans
Location United States
Location Statistics
Type National Park
Affiliation InGen
Ruled By Department of Fish and Wildlife
Primary Function Theme Park

Jurassic Park, also known as Jurassic Park: Yellowstone, and formerly known as Yellowstone National Park, is a large theme park, created by the genetic engineering company, InGen. It is the third incarnation of the Jurassic Park theme parks, the second on American soil. It is an important setting in Return to the Lost World: Jurassic Park.


Formerly Yellowstone National Park, a national park in the United States, it was chosen by InGen to be the site of a third Jurassic Park. Initially, the United States government outright refused to sell the property to InGen for their park, however, after the overpopulation of Isla Sorna was brought to the attention of the United Nations, the issue was revisited. Because of the volcanic environment of Yellowstone, which is similar to the volcanic environment of the islands in which the dinosaurs originated, it was decided that the park was the best possible location for the dinosaurs to exist on the mainland.

On September 5, 2012, the United States Congress passed legislation changing Yellowstone's status as a national park into a national wildlife preserve, with the intention of moving some of the dinosaurs from Isla Sorna to the park. At the same time, Congress officiated InGen's purchase of the land, officiating the creation of the planned Jurassic Park. InGen was given permission to move dinosaurs from Isla Sorna, as well as the newly opened island of Isla Muerta, to populate the park.


  • The park has not officially opened, and is still under construction.

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