After many years of competing with InGen, Biosyn is now on the verge of bankrupcy. So, Lewis Dodgson comes up with a solution to this problem: eliminate the competition! After Isla Nublar's bombing, all the dinosaurs on the island were, of course, killed off. However, there is still a bounty of dinosaur skeletal material remaining on Nublar, and Dodgson theorizes that it is still fresh enough to contain viable dinosaur DNA. He pays several of his workers to go to Nublar and collect as many dinosaur bones as they can find. He plans to use these to breed his own dinosaurs, genetically modified to follow his commands. He will use them to destroy InGen's base in California, forcing the company into shutting down, and giving Biosyn the opportunity to rise. John Hammond and InGen quickly catch on to Dodgson's plan, and a number of InGen workers sneak into Biosyn's base and steal many of Dodgson's dinosaur embryos. Once the embryos hatch, InGen trains them to fight against Dodgson's dinosaurs. The result: A WAR OF THE DINOSAURS!


It was dark, but then the lights flicked on, to reveal a gigantic laboratory the size of a football field. A huge door slid open at one side of the room, and a monstrous creature emerged from the shadows. On top of its enormous head was a strange band with two antennae jutting from it. It lumbered toward the centre of the enormous room, the claws on its three-toed feet clicking loudly as it walked. Finally, the animal paused. Directly in front of it stood a mound of bricks nearly as tall as the creature itself. "Destroy the bricks", said an ominous voice. The voice was clearly speaking over a radio, because static surrounded each word. As the voice spoke, the antennae on top of the creature's unusual hat flashed red. With a mighty growl, the monster whipped the structure with its long tail, collapsing it to the ground. "Excellent", said the voice again. "Now, return to me at once". The huge animal turned back the way it had come, and disappeared back into the huge door from which it first appeared.

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