Jurassic Park: Timelapse is an Alternate Jurassic Park in which John Hammond does not clone dinosaurs but he sends experts back in time to catch them.


Rex "Tracker" Dinon- Main Protagonist, Expert sent back in time by InGen to capture dinosaurs.

Max Smith- Killed by Spinosaurus, Expert sent back in time by InGen to capture dinosaurs.

Slash- Main Protagonist, Baby Velociraptor befriended by Rex.

Bronx Amauto- Main Antagonist, BioSyn spy sent to stop Rex from capturing and befriending dinosaurs. Avalar's Bodyguard.

Spino- Secondary Antagonist, Baby Spinosaurus Controlled by Bronx.

Avalar Bloodhorse- Cameo

John Hammond- Cameo


"So will you do it?" Asked Hammond.

"Yes!" I Replied

"The portal is just outside. Good Luck"

I had been chosen to capture dinosaurs for InGen

Chapter 1

"Rex" "Rex"

My workmate Max was calling me. I regained my senses. Max had set up a campsite. I heard a squeal. A baby raptor was being attacked by a Pteranodon. I ran at the pterosaur and knocked it away, grabbing the raptor. I befriended it and nicknamed him Slash. Suddenly a Spinosaurus attacked! We ran but Max tripped and was killed by the Spinosaurus. Suddenly a T-rex showed up. The two titans started fighting while Slash and I ran. I heard a crash as the Spinosaur's body fell to the ground. The T-rex roared victoriously. Slash caught a Hadrosaurus and I roasted it.

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