Jurassic Park: The T.V. Series is a 2017 American science fiction adventure T.V. show with only 12 episode in one season directed by Steven Spielberg and a remake of the Jurassic Park franchise and based on the 2015 comic book graphic novel version by Tristen Laurie.


Episode 1: The Creation of Jurassic Park

Episode 2: Welcome to Jurassic Park

Episode 3: The Isla Nublar Incident

Episode 4: Getting the Canister

Episode 5: The Bite

Episode 6: Bad Problems

Episode 7: The Rescue

Episode 8: Figuring Things Out

Episode 9: The Geothermal Power Plant

Episode 10: Troodon!

Episode 11: Rexnapped!

Episode 12: The New York City Incident

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