Ned Crosby crept slowly through the dark jungle. It was quiet, frighteningly quiet. Suddenly, a loud bellow erupted in the distance, causing Ned to jump. He knew, however, that it couldn't be a dinosaur, the last dinosaur on the island was wiped out by the Costa Rican Air Force decades ago. He caught something unusual out of the corner of his eye. Turning his head in the direction of the object, Ned saw what remained of a large, khaki hat. The hat was practically torn to shreds, with stains of dried blood scattered here and there. Human bones littered the area around the hat, with a splintered rifle and scattered bullets nearby. Large, bird-like footprints lead deep into the darkness of the jungle. Ned suddenly felt very uneasy. He was so preoccupied with his anxiety that he bumped right into the side of a large building. He immediately recognized it as the abandoned raptor pen. Out of curiosity, he opened an emergency door on the side of the pen and crept into the dark ferns, which cast long shadows in the moonlight. He wasn't scared, however, as he knew the raptors, along with every other animal on the island, were long gone. Suddenly, he heard a low snort and peered into the ferns. He shrieked in surprise at seeing a pair of ferocious eyes staring back at him through the dense plants. Ned turned to flee, but the creature leapt on top of him and pinned him to the ground at such a speed that the animal was practically invisible. Ned let out a final groan as strong jaws cracked his skull like a walnut. A small rat watched from the bushes outside of the pen, and squatted in fear as a bloodcurdling, otherwordly scream followed by the sound of bones crunching and flesh being torn erupted from the supposedly abandoned final attempt at control of this terrible lost world.

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