This article, Jurassic Park: The Outbreak, was written by me, Brandon Mollica. Please do not edit this page without my permission.

Jurassic Park: The Outbreak, is a video series about a boy named Brandon Mollica and his little sister Giavana Mollica who seems to be lost in the depths of Jurassic Park, which was created by Universal on the island known as Isla Nublar to bring in some money for The JP Franchise. Will Brandon find his sister and save her from being the prey of the lurking dinosaurs in Isla Nublar or is it already too late?

NOTE: Because this is kinda based off of Isla Sorna Survival, it is up to you guys (the fans) to give me ideas for new episodes! Not only could your idea be in an episode, but you would even get credit for it in the beginning of the video!

First Encounter

First Encounter10:09

First Encounter

This is the first Episode of Jurassic Park: The Outbreak and it looks as if a certain little dinosaur has already found him...


Brandon's little sister Giavana is still lost in the jungle of Isla Nublar and something even worse than a Velociraptor is on her tail...

Coming Soon...

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