I was watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade and when they were performing a scene from some musical that Matthew Broderick was in I had a terrible idea.

I hardly have time to write about it right now (it is Thanksgiving, after all :\) but I'll do some rough edits.

The Musical

Basically following the movie plot. I'd love to see how a novel-based one would work out but it's probably too complicated to achieve that same feel in a musical.

Naturally, it will be terribly comedic.


The same dinosaurs of the movie.

Musical Numbers

  • Shoot Her!
  • Bones, Glorious Bones
  • My Dream
  • We Got Dodgson Here
  • Welcome to Jurassic Park!
  • Life Finds A Way
  • Chaos In Motion/Triceratops Trouble
  • King of the Dinosaurs
  • Stick Stupid
  • Veggiesaur
  • Hold Onto Your Butts
  • Clever Girl
  • Life Finds A Way (reprise)

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