This is a sequel to the game by Telltale Games. I know, a lot of this writing is real sh!t, but I think some aspects of it have real potential. Any suggestions for making this into something genuinely awesome are greatly appreciated. I have already completed it and I'm copying it from Word. Please report any annoying glitches that may result from this. Thanks for your time and enjoy!


Title dinosaur: Albino juvenile raptor

In July of 1993, Isla Sorna is struck by Hurricane Clarissa and the cages where the dinosaurs are being kept for euthanization (until a legal battle with the InGen geneticists and the Hardings can be settled) are destroyed, releasing a newer breed of raptors with sparse feathers and frighteningly increased intelligence. Henry Wu has gone to Isla Sorna to attempt to save his dinosaurs by taking the last dinosaur embryos created before the official shutdown of Jurassic Park, and he contains them in a refrigerated box, as well as some mysterious computer chips. However, an albino juvenile raptor attacks him, leaving a scar on his left cheek. He kicks it away and runs for the helicopter, but he is cornered by a Dilophosaurus and drops the box. One of the geneticists, Dr. Karen Matheson, saves Henry but gets sprayed in the eye by Dilophosaurus poison. She tells a guard to hide the box and runs for the chopper, but the Dilophosaurus lunges at her. However, the albino raptor fights and kills the Dilophosaurus and the chopper takes off. The guard arrives at the helipad too late and is killed by the albino raptor.

Episode 1: The Arrival

Title dinosaur: Spinosaurus

In 2010, Sarah Harding is on Isla Sorna tracking a wounded Triceratops. With the help of the annoying paleontologist Dr. Richard Levine, she finds the Triceratops and puts a cast on it’s leg. However, Dr. Levine gets too close for comfort and the Triceratops charges at him. Sarah manages to calm it down, but in the process she discovers a nest containing several broken eggshells, as well as an unborn baby. She discovers it is a raptor nest belonging to the subspecies found in the northwestern part of the island, which usually doesn’t venture so far south. She also finds several of the naked, featherless raptors dead and decides they have to clear out.

Meanwhile, in the city of Atlanta, Nima Cruz is having a nightmare about being surrounded by Troodon and awakens to find that her daughter Atlanta is missing.

In San Diego, Gerry Harding is treating a tiger with a sprained ankle and is approached by Henry Wu. Henry talks to Gerry about his quitting InGen and the fate of Isla Nublar. He praises him for blackmailing InGen into not bombing the island and asks him for a favour – Henry wants to go to Isla Sorna to collect the box that he left in the InGen Compound, as he was recently asked to collect it by BioSyn for a good deal of money. Henry flatly refused, even though he is in extreme financial difficulty after InGen layed him off and made Dr. Marty Guittierez chief geneticist in 2002 when he refused to help clone a Maiasaura for another dinosaur preserve on Isla Muerta. Gerry asks what is in the box, and eventually Henry reveals it contained dinosaur embryos and computer chips, both of which would be extremely useful in Lewis Dodgson’s hands. He doesn’t want to elaborate and Gerry is curious, but he never wants to see a dinosaur again and refuses. Henry thanks him for his time and leaves.

Back on Isla Sorna, Sarah climbs into a treehouse where her research team – Tucker “Friar Tuck” Johnson, Deirdre “DeeDee” Shannon and Terran “Bonehead” Madrigal – are observing the T. rex nest that the wounded juvenile from The Lost World built. Sarah warns them that the northwestern raptor subspecies has moved south and they have to move out fast. However, DeeDee is desperate to study the nesting habits of T. rex and sees a scavenging agouti moving towards the nest. She thinks this might be their chance to see how protective that the T. rex mother is, though Sarah offhandedly comments that “They’re protective, all right,” referencing the events of The Lost World. DeeDee notices the T. rex in the trees and watches as it charges out and crushes the agouti under it’s foot. The T. rex also has a limp as it did when it was a juvenile. Eventually, she is convinced to leave with the promise they will return once the raptors have cleared out.

In Atlanta, Nima finds a ransom note saying that BioSyn requires her services again and asks her to meet with a team in San José and prepare for a mission to Isla Sorna, or Atlanta will be killed. Nima reluctantly agrees to the demand. Henry meets with Dr. Matheson in San Francisco. She is completely blind after her encounter with the Dilophosaurus and is trying to learn how to use echolocation to observe her surroundings. She is worried when Henry reveals to her BioSyn is hunting for the box and she agrees to join Henry on the mission to Isla Sorna. On Isla Sorna, Sarah, Dr. Levine and the research team are heading south and find human footprints. Sarah decides to follow them. The footprints lead to a seemingly abandoned campsite, where they discover a man that was killed by Dilophosaurus. A number of the Dilophosaurus attack them, only to be gunned down by snipers hiding in the trees, who set a trap using the dead man’s body as bait. Friar Tuck is wounded during the gunfire and the men, who are revealed to be the BioSyn collection team, take them prisoner and promise to save Tuck’s life in exchange for their obedience. Sarah agrees and they surrender.

Nima is at the airport and encounters Dodgson, who tells her she is late. He gives her instructions to take a helicopter to Isla Matanceros and contact a man named Diego, who will take her to Isla Sorna by boat for $2,000. Dodgson gives her the $2,000 and a picture of Atlanta to prove they have her. He also introduces Hadrian Skelton, who is leading the BioSyn team. As she heads for the chopper, she unwittingly bumps into Henry and they pass each other by. Henry and Dr. Matheson are discussing the implications of BioSyn’s wanting the box and they are frightened about what lies inside, and Henry warns her about the threats they will face on Isla Sorna, including Spinosaurus, T. rex, raptors, Dilophosaurus, Troodon and other creatures. He is interrupted at Troodon by Dr. Matheson, who asks about how Dr. Sorkin’s daughter is doing. Henry doesn’t want to bring the subject up and they unwittingly charter the same chopper Nima is flying on for a flight to Isla Matanceros and from their they plan to rent a boat. Dr. Matheson asks about Diego’s operation and Dino-Soar, but Henry says he refuses to board an illegal vessel, prompting Dr. Matheson to joke about how squeamish he is for a man about to illegally go to Isla Sorna. Henry ends the conversation by saying “Don’t forget you’re in the same boat as me.”

On Isla Sorna, the BioSyn team is escorting the research team to the northwestern part of the island to the InGen Compound, where they are searching for the box that Henry left behind in a mission dubbed Operation Pandora, in reference to Pandora’s Box. The BioSyn team are introduced as George Baselton, the temporary leader of the group and public relations officer for BioSyn; Howard King, geneticist and accomplished poacher; Dmitri Pavlev, chief mercenary; Jack “Jackal” Hornley, second-in-command mercenary; Mason Grey, chopper pilot and third mercenary; Winston Rayder, tech expert; and Alejandro Rodrigues, local guide. Sarah Harding notices a pile of dung with dinosaur remains in it and warns them that they are in the territory of a large predator. Baselton is annoyed, but they decide to make a detour down a narrow ravine. Unfortunately, the ravine is home to deadly Coelophysis and they surround and attack them. The mercenaries gun them down and Dr. Levine tries to escape while Sarah calls for help while everybody is distracted, but he is jumped by a Dilophosaurus. Howard saves his life and the team leaves the ravine, deciding that the mysterious predator is a better option than the deadly Coelophysis.

In San Diego, Gerry receives Sarah’s call and calls Henry – he has changed his mind and is going to Isla Sorna.

On the chopper, Henry, Dr. Matheson and Nima meet. Henry tries to start a conversation with Nima and is met with silence. He then receives Gerry’s call and becomes worried. He wants the pilot to return them to San José immediately so they can pick up Gerry. Dr. Matheson warns him otherwise, saying that BioSyn could get the box first, and Nima realizes that not only could they delay her and threaten Atlanta’s life, but they could also endanger her by opposing BioSyn. Henry convinces the pilot, but Nima produces a gun and forces the pilot to go to Isla Matanceros or she will murder Henry and Dr. Matheson. The pilot reluctantly agrees and Henry realizes they are in extreme danger.

Back on Isla Sorna, Friar Tuck’s condition is becoming worse. Dmitri wants to kill him to speed things up, but Sarah, Dr. Levine, DeeDee, Bonehead and Howard oppose the decision and Dmitri reluctantly puts his pistol back in his bag.

Unfortunately, he then comes face-to-face with a Spinosaurus and it grabs him up and tries to eat him. Dmitri stabs it with a knife and it drops him, and the others hold still, thinking the Spinosaurus’ vision is based on movement like the T. rex’s. This mistake gets George Baselton devoured and the others run away while the Spinosaurus pursues them. Alejandro trips and the Spinosaurus steps on him. While the Spinosaurus eats him, the others manage to escape and it gives up the chase. The chopper lands on Isla Matanceros and Nima imprisons Henry and Dr. Matheson in a hut, and leaves them a knife so they can escape after she is long gone. Henry and Dr. Matheson can’t reach the knife and Henry realizes by the time they get the knife, Nima will have left for Isla Sorna. Dr. Matheson manages to use her raptor claw, a birthday present from Dr. Sorkin, to cut the ropes for her left hand. She manages to grab the knife and slashes her other ropes, then finds and cuts Henry’s ropes. They escape and run through the village. They find Diego’s boat is already leaving, and they manage to jump for it and reach the boat just in time. Henry pulls the knife on Nima and reluctantly she allows them to accompany her to Isla Sorna and agrees to pay Diego for everybody as a punishment for pulling the gun on Henry.

Meanwhile, Gerry reaches San José and he charters a chopper to Isla Muerta, deciding that he can rent a boat there. However, en route to Isla Muerta, a Pteranodon flock attacks the helicopter and it crash-lands on Isla Sorna. The Pteranodons eat the pilot, but Gerry uses a flare gun to frighten them off. Gerry heads for the beach to get a better view of his surroundings and finds several baby Mussusaurus. He finds a dead man partially eaten by an unknown creature with the Dino-Soar logo on his shirt (presumably Enrique Cardoso) and finds a compass nearby. Gerry overcomes nausea in time to escape a lone raptor and manages to frighten it off by bashing it with a stick. He orients himself and, remembering his conversation with Sarah, heads for the InGen Compound to rescue her.

The BioSyn group reach the InGen Compound, which has been totally overgrown and colonized by Compsognathus. Howard and Sarah are the only members of the group with medical experience, so they manage to heal Friar Tuck’s leg wounds and bandage him. However, there are raptors in the building, and Dmitri goes off to deal with them while the others search for the mysterious box. They discover the skeletal remains of the guard who hid the box and manage to open a safe where they think he hid the box. However, the safe is empty and they set off an alarm, luring the raptors. They are lead by the albino, which Dmitri nicknames El Fantasma, the ghost. El Fantasma kills Mason while the others flee for their lives. Sarah tries to save him, but the raptors surround her. DeeDee and Bonehead, while trying to save her, distract the raptors and are chased to the exit. They then target Friar Tuck, who thanks to his wounded leg is falling behind. The BioSyn team want to abandon him, but the others surround him, since there is safety in numbers, and they fight off the raptors. El Fantasma tries to break through their defenses, but the Spinosaurus arrives and devours one of the raptors. The others retreat and Sarah and team run. Dmitri reluctantly decides to help them, as Sarah and her students’ knowledge of predator behavior and Dr. Levine’s knowledge of dinosaurs could prove useful. The Spinosaurus attacks Dmitri in retaliation for Dmitri scarring it and Dmitri hides behind a tree while the Spinosaurus attacks. The Spinosaurus knocks down the tree, but the raptors surround the Spinosaurus and try to take it down, allowing the BioSyn team to escape into the jungle.

On Diego’s boat, Dr. Matheson wakes up from a dream where the Dilophosaurus are surrounding her and she backs up into a huge, feathered raptor, and she discovers that they are at Isla Sorna and Nima got her gun back and has Henry at gunpoint. Dr. Matheson tries to help, but Nima shoves her overboard. Dr. Matheson swims into a sea cave and falls down a series of waterfalls into a chamber that is being flooded by the rising tide. She holds her breath and swims down the passageway, and is attacked by Ichthyosaurus and several swimming Eustreptospondylus. She reaches another cave leading to the surface near the InGen Compound.

Meanwhile, Gerry hears the sound of the boat and heads for the coast, only to encounter the rogue raptor again and a group of Eustreptospondylus. Nima shoots the raptor and the Eustreptospondylus become frightened and they swim away, though not before one destroys the boat’s outboard motor and strands them on the island. Nima then escorts Henry, Diego and Gerry to the InGen Compound at gunpoint.

En route to the InGen Compound, Gerry argues with Nima about how he helped save Atlanta and Nima from poverty and Nima reveals that Atlanta is a prisoner of BioSyn. Nima decides to put away the pistol and Gerry and Henry agree not to hamper Nima’s efforts. Unfortunately, they are attacked by the wounded Spinosaurus and Diego is devoured. They hide in the InGen Compound and they find a button at the back of the empty safe. It opens a sealed door, and inside the room is row upon row of safes. One has a broken lock and Gerry undoes the seal, revealing the box inside. It contains some dinosaur embryos and several computer chips. Henry reveals that the computer chips are BioSyn’s main goal, but before he can elaborate El Fantasma and the other raptors attack.

They flee and Henry becomes separated from the others. He comes face-to-face with El Fantasma once again and fights her with a broken test tube. The Spinosaurus arrives and roars, scaring off the raptors. It then attacks them and they flee out the back of the compound. They find the cave and are reunited with Dr. Matheson. Nima apologizes for shoving her overboard and they head off to find the BioSyn group to save Sarah and Atlanta.

Episode 2: The Prisoners

Title dinosaur: Utahraptor

On the other side of Isla Sorna at the abandoned docks, Atlanta Cruz is being held prisoner of BioSyn. She manages to escape and gets a hold of her cell phone and steals another from a mercenary. Atlanta overhears a conversation, revealing that a mercenary named Blake and two others are being sent towards a signal on a tracking device made by a cell phone with GPS mode turned on, the location of the BioSyn team. They mention prisoners to be escorted to the docks and reveal that Nima is coming to help with the project and will be joining the BioSyn team soon. Atlanta sets her ringtone to a lullaby that Nima taught her and slips it into Blake’s backpack after turning on the GPS. She also nabs the tracking device, since when the two signals meet it might be safe to contact Nima. However, a mercenary sees her and she flees into the jungle. The mercenary goes after her, but is killed by a Dilophosaurus. Unseen by Atlanta, a third signal then appears on the tracking device.

In a helicopter, Hadrian Skelton lands in a clearing on Isla Sorna and makes contact with the BioSyn team. He is joined by two mercenaries, helicopter pilot Matt Guy and war veteran Vader Bradley. Upon landing, they are attacked by the limping T. rex and Matt is killed while Hadrian calmly looks on. They then venture into the forest towards the BioSyn team’s location.

On Isla Sorna, night is falling and the BioSyn team decide to make camp. Dmitri is holding the cell phone and a tracking device, revealing the second signal to be his. He is puzzled by Atlanta’s signal but decides it must be a lost mercenary. Sarah, Dr. Levine, DeeDee, Bonehead and Friar Tuck try to escape, but they are discovered by the BioSyn team. However, they are then attacked by El Fantasma’s pack and try to flee, but find an old abandoned building and hide inside. After Howard gets the power working, they turn on the lights and discover the abandoned building is a massive storage center for dinosaurs and genetic freaks.

Near the InGen Compound, Gerry, Nima, Henry and Dr. Matheson decide to spend the night in a tree. Gerry and Henry talk about the dinosaurs as they go to sleep and Henry reveals he believes that creating the dinosaurs was the crowning glory of his career, but he thinks that it was a mistake to underestimate them, a mistake which cost 53 people their lives. Gerry asks him about the computer chips, but he doesn’t want to discuss it. They are interrupted by a rustling noise. Henry goes to investigate and finds the skeletal remains of Ben Hildebrand. Henry screams and falls out of the tree, almost breaking his ankle. He grabs a tree branch inches from the ground and lands safely. The others are attacked by a pack of tree-climbing, poisonous Sinornithosaurus, presumably Ben’s killers. They climb down vines to escape and they flee from the Sinornithosaurus. However, unseen by the others, the Sinornithosaurus are attacked and slaughtered by El Fantasma’s pack. In the storage center, they discover several dinosaurs not on InGen’s list of species, including a dead juvenile Spinosaurus, several Sinornithosaurus, a flock of tiny Velociraptors, a Tarbosaurus, a genetically engineered dragon, several mutated Dimetrodon, numerous raptors and a pack of Utahraptors, the giant raptor in Dr. Matheson’s dream. Countless other, unmentioned dinosaurs are contained inside. Howard is adamant that they find the box and Dmitri gets a tracking device and decides that Nima has to be on the island by now. He calls her and she reluctantly reveals she has the box and she is with Gerry Harding, Henry Wu and Dr. Karen Matheson. She begs to know where Atlanta is, and Dmitri promises her safety if they deliver the box as soon as possible. He reveals their location and Nima asks about it. Dr. Matheson obviously knows where the BioSyn team is and decides to show them the building.

Hadrian and Vader arrive at the building and Hadrian relieves Howard of his temporary command. Hadrian demands they collect the contents of the box as soon as possible and capture everything in the building. They decide to follow the mysterious signal, as they believe it is Nima’s location, though they are still unsure about Nima’s signal. Vader is sent to find them and guide them to the building.

However, Vader is too late – they have already reached the entrance. They are attacked by El Fantasma’s pack and manage to get into the building. Vader is killed by the raptors.

Meanwhile, Atlanta lights a fire to scare off predatory dinosaurs and goes to sleep for the night. However, she is rudely awakened by a Herreresaurus and manages to frighten it off. She discovers that all three trackers are in the same place. She decides to risk calling. Nima, Gerry, Henry and Dr. Matheson are taken prisoner by BioSyn and Gerry is reunited with Sarah. Sarah is angry that he’s here, but they must put aside their differences to figure out how to escape. Dr. Matheson reveals that the building is Menagerie #11, made to contain the genetic freaks and dinosaurs unfit for display. The animals were supposed to be euthanized along with the other dinosaurs created by Site B, but Dr. Sorkin pulled some strings and tried to save them. Dr. Matheson wanted to continue her efforts and realize her dream of a wildlife preserve for dinosaurs after she was killed, and in a way her dream was realized when Hurricane Clarissa struck and the dinosaurs escaped. Most of the creatures in Menagerie #11 were trapped and forced to live out their lives in pitch black conditions on the brink of starvation, like the Pteranodons in the Aviary (explaining why they attacked Billy Brennan, as they had been trapped in the Aviary for years with barely enough food to sustain themselves). Dr. Matheson thinks that Dr. Sorkin loved the dinosaurs desperately, and she would never euthanize them even if they were condemned to live under such conditions. It was always a weakness on her part. Gerry is angry that Dr. Matheson would allow the creatures to live under such conditions, but Dr. Matheson decides they can argue about it later. They are then interrupted by the ring tone. Nima recognizes it, but doesn’t let on. Blake has obviously arrived while Gerry and others were outside or while Vader was being killed. The other mercenaries with him disappear and they are presumed dead. Background dialogue indicates that Blake encountered raptors en route and they were presumably the killers, though it is unknown whether they were the northwestern raptors lead by El Fantasma or the southeastern raptors. Hadrian then orders Nima to give him the box, and she complies in exchange for information about Atlanta’s whereabouts. Blake is about to destroy the phone, but just then the raptors make it into Menagerie #11. Hadrian grabs the box and runs, and Blake is killed while Dmitri is severely wounded. Nima takes the phone and calls Atlanta. Atlanta is on the move already and they decide to meet at an intersection in the tunnels underneath Menagerie #11.

The BioSyn agents leave the handcuffed prisoners as bait for the raptors to slow them down while they run away. Jackal takes Sarah and Dr. Levine because they might still be useful, but Nima is left behind as her usefulness has expired. Therefore, Nima, Gerry, Henry, Dr. Matheson, DeeDee, Bonehead and Friar Tuck are left behind and Dmitri tries to escape via the ventilation shafts. The others escape their handcuffs and run towards the tunnels , then seal the door behind them. The raptors then try to get through via an electrical maintenance tunnel. Dmitri finds the control room for the Menagerie #11 security systems and manages to get control of the doors to the pens. He contacts the others via the loudspeakers and demands payment in the range of half a million dollars and safe passage to the mainland. As leverage, he releases the Sinornithosaurus and Utahraptors. The raptors come through the maintenance tunnels and they flee to the back of the tunnels, where they enter a room called the Freezer.

Meanwhile, Atlanta follows clues on the tracker and a map she must have stolen and finds the entrance to the tunnels. She goes down the tunnel and finds an expanse of water, and realizes that the others will have to swim through it to reach her. The BioSyn team escaped via another door and they find more caged dinosaurs. Winston Rayder attaches a computer chip to the head of a Ceratosaurus and starts downloading something on an iPod.

Dr. Matheson explains that the Freezer was made to store Arctic and Antarctic dinosaurs, since they all died when stored in tropical conditions. They were planned to be part of Phase B in a special underground exhibit, but that never came to be. Dmitri discovers their location and releases the polar Troodon, which are twice the size of normal Troodon, Cryolophosaurus, Gorgosaurus, Australovenator and Ozraptor. They manage to escape, but the Troodon get out and they crawl into the ventilation shafts to get away. Nima nearly has a panic attack due to her experiences with Troodon but she calms down. They find themselves in a passageway with Sinornithosaurus in it and they try to attack them. However, they are frightened off by the Utahraptors. Dr. Matheson lures the Utahraptors away while the others run. Nima gives Dr. Matheson her pistol and Nima shoots at the Utahraptor pack leader. However, when she is surrounded by the Utahraptors, the gun runs out of bullets and she is killed.

Henry hears her being killed and is shattered. They reach the control room and Nima overpowers Dmitri. At knifepoint, she asks him what was in the box, and he mentions something about DinoPilot. However, the Utahraptors arrive and Nima locks Dmitri in the room with them. He is violently slammed against the door three times and the window is stained with blood as he is violently killed. They find a waterfall leading to a deeper passageway, but they hear the raptors coming through a side tunnel. Henry reveals that he accepted BioSyn’s offer and was keeping an eye on Nima to make sure she wouldn’t betray them. Henry was responsible for allowing Nima to get control on the boat and he agreed to let Nima escort them without the gun because he was working for them. He was also allowing BioSyn to track their movements with a tracking device on his cell phone. However, when Dr. Matheson died, he realized that he was working for villains and he is officially resigning. He takes the phone out of his pocket and smashes it, then shoves the others over the waterfall. He fights El Fantasma with Dr. Matheson’s raptor claw to give the others time to escape and scars her. However, the Utahraptors break through the door. Henry is overpowered and killed.

The others take advantage of his sacrifice by running through the caves, which are full of tiny Anurognathus, until they reach an underwater holding tank. Gerry finds the raptor claw and pockets it as a memory of Henry’s sacrifice and they suit up in time to get away. The Utahraptors arrive and they assume the other raptors are dead. The giant Troodons then come from a hole in the ceiling and one leaps at Nima.

Episode 3: The Escape

Title dinosaur: Pteranodon

Henry’s kamikaze battle with El Fantasma, the escape down the caves and the show-down with the Utahraptors and giant Troodons are replayed. Nima manages to duck out of the Troodon’s way and they leap into the water. One of the Utahraptors go after them, but fortunately they can’t swim and Nima dispatches it with a dagger. They continue onwards, unaware of a sign that says “Warning – Marine Predators – Do Not Swim.”

Meanwhile, Atlanta tries to make contact, but Nima’s cell phone doesn’t work underwater. Atlanta realizes she just ruined her cell phone and is miffed. Suddenly, she hears noises on the other side of the pool. She heads over and a large Eustreptospondylus, possibly an adult, grabs at her. She kicks it into the water, where it is suddenly dragged under by something. The water then turns red and a large shape can be seen moving away.

In the water, Gerry, Nima, DeeDee, Friar Tuck and Bonehead are surrounded by several Icthyosaurus, but they are scared off by whale-like noises. They find an above-water area and surface on the edge of an underground lake. They get a breath of air and Sarah’s research team are all mortified by what has happened. Nima tries to comfort them, and Gerry asks them about Sarah. They talk about her and Gerry reveals he barely knows her, which he regrets. He desperately wants to save her so that he can find out who she is. Nima reveals she has had a similar relationship with Atlanta, which galled her since she almost broke her neck trying to protect her. Gerry examines the claw and he says that he would have done anything to save Sarah, even gotten killed in Henry’s place. Nima guesses correctly he is lying, because she knows he wants to see Sarah again, and Jess. Their reminiscing is rudely interrupted when they are jumped by a pack of Eustreptospondylus and are forced back into the water. The Eustreptospondylus chase after them and Nima fights one with her knife. They have to hide in a rusted old shark cage, and just in time because a huge Liopleurodon attacks the Eustreptospondylus and swallows them all in one gulp. The Liopleurodon moves towards the shark cage and noses it around, but it moves away when a manta ray swims past and it chases it.

Meanwhile, Sarah and Dr. Levine have been escorted to the BioSyn encampment at the docks and a mercenary reveals that Atlanta has escaped. Hadrian is enraged and orders out a search party lead by King and Jackal and consisting of six other mercenaries, whose first names are revealed to be, in order of highest to lowest rank, Jim, Max, Robert, Bill, Willy and Jesse. Hadrian then sends Rayder to construct more of the DinoPilot devices and start” improving the network.” Sarah demands to be released and Dr. Levine lectures Hadrian on his importance and the Geneva Convention to the point where Hadrian becomes so annoyed he threatens to feed Dr. Levine to the Velociraptors. Dr. Levine corrects him by saying Deinonychus, since the raptors on the island are actually Deinonychus and Velociraptors are about the size of a cat. (This means that all the raptors in the series were in fact Deinonychus mistaken for Velociraptors) Hadrian locks them both in a cell and says that if Dr. Levine refuses to shut up, he “will personally THROW YOU BOTH upon the mercy of whatever carnivorous dinosaur I feel like!”

In Menagerie #11, the survivors swim towards the end of the caves but are chased by the Liopleurodon and barely manage to escape. They then run into a Tylosaurus and the two leviathans fight. While they battle, they reach the opening, only to find that Atlanta is surrounded by BioSyn mercenaries who are leveling guns at them. They surrender, but suddenly a Styxosaurus reaches out of the water and grabs Jackal. He falls into the water and the others try to escape while the mercenaries are occupied shooting at the creature. Jackal manages to kill the Styxosaurus, but just then the Liopleurodon attacks and devours him and a pack of fleeing Eustreptospondylus decimate most of the other mercenaries. Nima and Atlanta are reunited, but the tearful reunion is cut short when three mercenaries try to gun them down. Nima takes a pistol off a mercenary killed by a Eustreptospondylus and kills two mercenaries with a single shot straight through them and into a wall, frightening away a Eustreptospondylus in the shadows. The third one kills the Eustreptospondylus, only to be jumped by a raptor. They realize that the southeastern raptors are hiding in this tunnel and flee for the entrance, but find a T. rex at the exit. It tries to eat them, but they escape into the jungle. Then, the featherless raptors lead by El Fantasma arrive and battle the southeastern subspecies, forcing them to flee into the jungle. Several mercenaries shoot at the raptors and take some down, but with tranquilizer darts. Most of the pack is knocked out and dragged away to serve BioSyn’s mysterious goals, and the three that escape go after the escapees.

Nima and her daughter are thankful to be reunited, and Gerry becomes more determined than ever to save Sarah. However, DeeDee believes that escape would be a better idea, and they argue about it. According to Atlanta, to get to the docks or to the coast they have to go around a large structure resembling a sort of cage. However, they are threatened by the raptors and forced to go through the structure to escape them.

Sarah and Dr. Levine make an attempt at escaping, but fail. Hadrian arrives and offers to show them what BioSyn is doing. Sarah decides they probably have no choice and they follow Hadrian.

In the structure, they can’t see clearly due to the fog, but they find the skeletal remains of an unknown person and Gerry realizes they’re in the Pteranodon aviary. A Pteranodon attacks, but is frightened off when the raptors break in and chase the survivors. They are forced to climb down to the river, where a Pteranodon swoops down and kills a raptor. Rayder and a pair of mercenaries arrive and shoot the second raptor, causing it to flee. The fate of the third raptor is unknown. However, Rayder is killed by a Pteranodon and the two mercenaries panic and flee. One heads for the river to deal with the other survivors, whilst the other flees for the entrance, only to be killed by the wounded raptor. The mercenary and Nima enter a gunfight involving hiding behind rocks and evading the wounded raptor and the Pteranodons. Nima injures the mercenary and he is swept into the river, where a Pteranodon swoops down and kills him. The others escape through the door, only to find it partially open. Gerry tries to close it, but the latch is broken. A Pteranodon escapes and tries to carry off Friar Tuck, but DeeDee leaps up and grabs on. The Pteranodon is dragged down to within the range of Nima’s gun and she shoots it in the head, killing it instantly. They then find an old motorboat and a plank and row down the river, evading the Pteranodons. However, down the river, they are attacked by Dilophosaurus and Atlanta falls overboard. A Deinosuchus swims towards her, but Nima saves her just in time and fires a blank to scare off the Dilophosaurus without wasting ammo. Unfortunately, the Deinosuchus attacks and nearly destroys their boat, but then Utahraptor calls can be heard in the forest and the Deinosuchus swims away. A Utahraptor leaps at them and overturns the boat, then slashes at them. Everybody gets to shore safely and run up a hill to orient themselves. Gerry decides they have to find the BioSyn camp and escape is out of the question, and DeeDee still disagrees. She is so frightened by her experiences that she grabs Nima’s gun and threatens Gerry at gunpoint, begging him to let them go home.

Gerry reminds her that Sarah is her friend too, and she reluctantly decides to rescue her. Suddenly, a Pteranodon arrives and attacks them. The Utahraptor and the Pteranodon fight, and DeeDee is trapped underneath the Pteranodon. She implores the others to run and they reluctantly agree. However, Bonehead tries to save her and attacks the Pteranodon. This only serves to anger it and it whacks her on the head, knocking her unconscious. Friar Tuck drags her to safety while the two predators battle and DeeDee is presumably killed, though offscreen. The Utahraptor kills the Pteranodon, but two other Pteranodons swoop down and frighten off the Utahraptor. It then chases the other survivors right into the clutches of the pack.

Gerry notices the Deinosuchus in the water and he throws a branch into the water, causing ripples. The Deinosuchus is enticed and attacks, frightening off the Utahraptors. Bonehead and Friar Tuck are shattered by DeeDee’s death and Gerry is hurt by it too. They decide to continue on foot, but they then end up surrounded by BioSyn mercenaries. They are about to shoot the survivors, but they receive orders directly from Lewis Dodgson saying to take them to the camp as prisoners.

Upon arrival, they are all placed in separate cells. However, they are then all moved to Sarah and Dr. Levine’s cell and then escorted to somewhere else. Sarah is about to tell them what is going on, but Hadrian has her and Dr. Levine gagged, saying he wishes to surprise the prisoners. They are taken into a large warehouse and when Gerry’s eyes adjust, he discovers that they are in a giant compound containing countless dinosaurs. A raptor walks right up to Gerry but doesn’t attack him, and a voice comes seemingly from the raptor saying “Welcome to Project Extinction.”

Episode 4: The Truth

Title dinosaur: Troodon

The voice is revealed to be that of Lewis Dodgson, who is aboard a boat anchored off the coast of San Diego. He reveals that Hammond made computer chips to control the dinosaur’s movements, since a T. rex doesn’t obey the tour schedule. He wanted to make the dinosaurs appear when the tour cars drove past instead of people just seeing trees (as was the case in the first movie). This system was called DinoPilot. What BioSyn did was use DinoPilot to amass an army of dinosaurs. When Gerry wants to know what they’re for, Dodgson explains that dinosaurs can serve many purposes – being extinct already, dinosaurs can be used to test products on like chimpanzees or lab rats, but without the ethical implications and the animal rights protesters, and some of the smaller dinosaurs could be sold as pets, and of course BioSyn could create their own Jurassic Park under more controlled circumstances. However, the main goal of Project Extinction is for biological weaponry. Dinosaurs represent some of the deadliest predators ever to roam the Earth, and those traits could be useful on a battlefield. Raptors could easily sneak into Taliban structures or past minefields and a T. rex could cause extreme damage to enemy trucks before being shot down, without any loss of allied lives. BioSyn plans to sell dinosaur weapons to the army or to mercenaries and make a fortune. Dodgson shows off their control of the dinosaurs by making the raptor knock down Gerry and lick his nose but not harm him. They are then taken back to their cells until Dodgson can decide what to do with them.

When Sarah asks about DeeDee, Bonehead reveals what happened. Sarah is deeply hurt and Dr. Levine is shocked, though he refuses to admit so. Gerry and Nima are put in the same cell and Nima apologizes for getting Gerry into this. Gerry says she doesn’t owe him an apology – he would have come anyway to save Sarah. Sarah, in the next cell over, is listening to this through a heating vent and realizes that Gerry actually does care about her. Meanwhile, Atlanta is in the same cell as Dr. Levine, but he is not his usual aloof self. Hadrian, watching on a spy camera, is disappointed that Dr. Levine isn’t torturing Atlanta. Bonehead and Friar Tuck are both in solitary and still haven’t recovered from DeeDee’s death.

Via Facetime, Hadrian and Dodgson discuss the fate of the prisoners along with the rest of the board of directors for Project Extinction, including Dodgson’s wife Natasha. She voices the idea that they test the dinosaurs out and the rest of the board agrees. Lewis smiles and says he has to come and see this.

Mercenaries then escort the prisoners into the heart of the massive encampment, where they meet Hadrian. Hadrian reveals they have been chosen as lab rats to test out the dinosaurs. Hadrian taps something on a laptop as he backs into an elevator and says “I’m going to hunt you.” Roars can then be heard in the distance. The dinosaurs leave the warehouse and run towards the central square where the prisoners are. Among them are several Utahraptors, El Fantasma’s pack, the Spinosaurus, many Dilophosaurus, Sinornithosaurus, giant Troodon and the T. rex from TLW.

The prisoners run and climb up a ladder as the raptors arrive. They are unable to climb the ladder, so El Fantasma starts moving boxes and building a tower so they can climb up to reach them. The prisoners run along the roof, but a flock of Pteranodon swoop down and force them back towards the raptors. Gerry manages to break into the house and discovers a convenience store with several weapons, including sniper rifles, pistols, machine guns, machettes, stiletto blades and daggers. They realize Hadrian is giving them a fighting chance, and Gerry corrects them by saying “No, he’s toying with us.” The raptors break in through the roof and they shoot at them, forcing them back out. The Pteranodons land in the front of the store and break in. They manage to shoot and kill three and the others escape. Gerry feels that it isn’t necessary to kill the dinosaurs, as they are just as much prisoners of BioSyn as they are. The raptors are coming back down and they realize that the Utahraptors are coming. They knock down the tower of boxes and one of the raptors falls on it’s head and smashes it’s DinoPilot chip. The other raptors then kill it. While this is going on, the prisoners return to the roof and run and leap onto the next one. They decide their only chance is to reach the water and find a boat, and hopefully they can escape to the ocean with proof of BioSyn’s illegal activities.

They realize the central square is full of dinosaurs and decide to find incriminating evidence against Dodgson and BioSyn. Atlanta says that during her escape, she found an office containing files on Project Extinction. They decide to go to the prison and take the files. They are unaware of Troodon eyes in the shadows.

Gerry uses the compass to find their way towards the prison, but they hear a splash behind them. They turn around to find a Eustreptospondylus snarling at them. Several more leap from the water. They run and Nima tries to frighten them off by slashing at them with the knife. They flee, only for a Troodon to emerge from the darkness. As the survivors flee, a Troodon leaps forward and knocks down Friar Tuck. Bonehead is almost killed trying to save him and the fangs of one Troodon scratch her arm. However, Nima finds a can of petrol and dumps it into the water, then uses her knife to spark a fire. This frightens away the Troodon and they reach a manhole leading to the prison. They climb out as the Troodon start to get braver and one nearly kills Atlanta. However, Nima kills it with a single shot from her pistol. The other Troodons scatter.

Bonehead starts to go into shock and Gerry struggles to remember the procedure Dr. Sorkin mentioned. However, they don’t have any access to tranquilizers. Fortunately, Dr. Wu’s Journal provides a solution which Sarah knows, having encountered this poison in one of the plants that InGen cloned. Apparently, this is where the Troodons got the poison from. She treated some of the dinosaurs for it. She manages to find the ingredients for a cure which will neutralize the poison before it reaches the heart and starts getting pumped all around the body and saves Bonehead. Bonehead then embraces Friar Tuck and they start searching for the files.

They manage to find the keys to a locked door and get in. Unfortunately, the Sinornithosaurus then enter the building. They manage to find the files, but Hadrian Skelton himself arrives and takes the files, then prepares to use the Sinornithosaurus to kill them. However, Nima manages to grab up her shotgun and shoots one of the Sinornithosaurus, causing the shattered fang to fly into the air and stab Hadrian. Nima offers him an antidote in exchange for him calling off the other Sinornithosaurus and handing over the files. He complies, but Nima reveals the “antidote” is, in fact, nitro-glycerin. The paralyzed Hadrian is unable to escape as Nima flings the vial into the air. They manage to escape just as the Troodons emerge and the nitro explodes, destroying the whole building. (Note: It is uncertain if the Troodons escaped the explosion)

They make for the ocean, but the Pteranodons find them and attack. However, Howard King arrives and shoots down one of the Pteranodons, killing it. The Utahraptors arrive and Howard holds them off and tells the others to run for it. He walks right up to one of the raptors and announces to Dodgson he quits. The raptor then kills him.

As the survivors flee, the Utahraptors chase after them, but a Triceratops corners them and nearly stabs Atlanta. She escapes, only to be attacked by Dilophosaurus. Nima too gets away and fights off the Dilophosaurus. She uses her knife to deflect a gob of poison at one and uses her gun to brutally kill several of them. She yells a warning to BioSyn’s dinosaurs that nobody threatens her daughter. She then fires several rounds into the Triceratops’ neck, killing it. They continue onwards and Bonehead realizes she can smell saltwater.

The others arrive at the water and find Dodgson’s helicopter landing on a boat. Sarah notices that there are a massive amount of electrical wires leading to and from the boat and she realizes this is the central command centre for the dinosaurs. They have to disable it to stand any chance of getting past the Liopleurodon in the water, not to mention several Deinosuchus, dozens of Eustreptospondylus and a pod of Styxosaurus. Sarah sneaks past several Sinornithosaurus to cut the wires, and she manages to use a high-voltage wire to electrocute their pack leader. Taking her cue, Gerry, Nima and Atlanta use wires to whip away the oncoming Sinornithosaurus and Sarah realizes it is working, as it is becoming harder for BioSyn to control the Sinornithosaurus. Suddenly, the Spinosaurus arrives. They flee from it, only to encounter Junior the T. rex, who almost succeeds in eating Gerry. However, Sarah saves him, but in the process her arm is badly injured. The Spinosaurus arrives and forces them into a labyrinth of shipping containers like in the first game. Gerry climbs up and cuts the chip off of Junior’s head, causing him to go rogue. The Biosyn agents assumed that Junior is dead and continue to use the Spinosaurus, and it is about to eat Nima, but just then Junior attacks, surprising and killing the Spinosaurus. The others flee and Junior chases them, slamming straight into the boat and severing all the wires. The dinosaurs go completely rogue and start attacking the BioSyn mercenaries in a mad panic.

The survivors decide to use the helicopter to escape and they are chased by the Utahraptors and El Fantasma’s pack. Lewis Dodgson then shoots at them and threatens to kill Atlanta if they don’t back up towards where the raptor pack is trying to break through the locked door. Suddenly, the Utahraptors appear behind Dodgson and attack him. He clings to the edge of the boat while Atlanta is being threatened by El Fantasma. The player as Gerry can either save Dodgson or Atlanta. If Gerry saves Dodgson, Nima saves Atlanta by shooting El Fantasma in the side, causing him to collapse, mortally wounded, and be devoured by Utahraptors. Gerry tries to grab Dodgson, but he falls anyway and is eaten by the T. rex. However, the T. rex grabs Gerry and drags him over the side. Sarah dies in order to save him and they manage to get into the helicopter just as the Liopleurodon strikes the boat, which leans over and strikes a container of gasoline. The resulting explosion causes a chain reaction, destroying several other gasoline containers and the boat, as well as blowing up Junior. In the helicopter, everyone is shattered by Sarah’s death, and Gerry resolves to make BioSyn pay for causing her to die.

If Gerry saves Atlanta, (which is presumably the canonical ending) he shoots at El Fantasma, hitting him in the leg. Enraged, he lunges at Gerry, who ducks, causing El Fantasma to instead knock Dodgson over the side. Dodgson manages to get out of the water and onto the dock, but El Fantasma grabs onto his left leg. He tries to get away, but a Utahraptor grabs his right arm and one of El Fantasma’s minions grabs his right leg. He flails with his arm and Junior grabs it, tugging him away from the raptors and causing Dodgson's limbs to be ripped off (offscreen). El Fantasma and his minion retreat with their spoils while the Utahraptor tries to pull Dodgson from Junior’s mouth. However, it too is pulled in and eaten. Junior roars in victory.

Back on the boat, they evade the Utahraptors and get in the chopper. However, one Utahraptor grabs onto the chopper and it falls perilously close to the water, where it is attacked by panicky Pteranodons and the Liopleurodon. Nima manages to pilot them to safety as the Liopleurodon slams into the boat, causing it to ram into gasoline containers and setting off a chain reaction of explosions that blow it and most of the BioSyn base to smithereens. The shrapnel narrowly misses the chopper and they just barely fly out of reach of several Styxosaurus. Sarah is concerned that now the marine reptiles will be able to reach the mainland, and Gerry announces “Well, then we’ll deal with them.” The Jurassic Park theme plays as a flock of Pteranodon swoop low over the water and catch flying fish, then soar into the air and past the chopper.

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