This is a very shonky article. First of all the logo, I can only provide a description, the Carnotaurus skeleton, and it's camouflaged, the sort of clear, invisible outline. The I will be a claw mark, the V, a foot print. Instead of trees at the bottom, there are buildings, a city, and docks, a harbor, in the waters, are plesiosurs, mosasaurs, sort of sketchy outlines. And the shadow of a plesiosaur will be cast on the cover, like the pterodactyls on JP3. The sort of background, unlike 3, won't be sorta gray metal, it will be sort of corrugated iron, and rust, like a shanty town. And the tag line is "This time they come to us". Under where it says Jurassic Park, will be written, Extinction, in sort of fleshy, skeletonish letters.

The plot is simple, the military take all the dinosaurs and reptiles off the island and bring them to the mainland for safe keeping. But sinister forces are at work, BioSyn, is back and they want the animals for themselves, sabotaging the facility, they make a severe error, the monsters run amok, through the city, through the world, spreading like rabbits. An all-new trilogy begins as the survivors fight to keep their heads above water in this dino-eat-dino world. Their only hope is the virus, the disease that wiped out these creatures 65 million years ago, stored at a derelict Cetus factory in the Azores. However as they unleash strange plague, nicknamed 'DX', they soon discover, that it affects all types of life and it's only a matter of time before the Earth faces total EXTINCTION