I hope you enjoy this and please comment if I need any improving! Thank you and please no mean comments. I DO NOT OWN FUJIFILM. I just used it for Collete's camera. I ALSO DO NOT OWN SONY! DO not edit without my permission please!


Delta Meyers- She is sixteen years old and has always liked dinosuars. Has a pink Sony camera.

Maxwell Meyers- Delta's older brother. He is twenty and kind of hates his sister. Has a Sony camera.

Collete Meyers- Delta and Max's mother. Has a pink Fujifilm camera. She's married.

Daniel Meyers- Married to Collete. Has a Sony video camera. Has two kids, Delta and Max.

Luis "Gordo" Comercal- Jurassic Park tourist. Friend of Daniel. Mexican.

John Hammod- Founder of the new Jurassic Park. Friend of the Meyers.

Alan Grant- Paleontologist. Warns about Jurassic Park. Knows the Meyers.

Quick Note

May contain mature content. Like PG-13. This is just for entertainment! Please enjoy. If you aren't mature enough leave immediatlely. Thank you. This is just a fanfic and I hope you read it all.


Chapter One: InGen Reopens

"We all know what happened, and this will not be mentioned ever in the history of InGen!" said John Hammond, pounding his fist on the meeting table. InGen was having a emergency meeting. They were reopening Jurassic Park. "The park will be safer than ever!" he boomed. "We will have more electric fences enhanced with posion-" Someone interrupted John. "Sorry but posion? How about the visitors?." John eyes widened. "Well, they wouldn't want to touch that!". He was tired. The meeting had taken four hours, enough to end it. He raised his amber cane up to his face. He looked at it. He thought for a moment, then said "We will annouce to the scienctists to start creating velociraptor eggs and all female!" Everyone looked at each other and shrugged. "All right" said someone from the back. Just then the door burst open. "A baby velociraptor has been born! When do we part to the island?" said the scientist. "In two weeks! This meeting is officially now over! OUT!" boomed John.

Chapter Two: Tourists

"Soo, where are we going for our vacation, mom?" asked Max "Maxwell". Collete, Max's mom, was busy typing on her VAIO computer, searching for a vacation spot. "Hmmm, I haven't found any locations. Il'l certain- oh! Look!." She pointed to a ad on the computer screen. "'Jurassic Park, Grand reopening! Come spend your vacation here at this prehistoric park!"

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