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Jurassic Park: Southern Park is a fan-made game set on a fictional Australian Island, Lazarus Island located near Christmas Island. If it were made into a real game it would be exclusive to Xbox One only.



Wyatt King

Wyatt King is the 22 year old Australian Protagonist and one of the playable characters. He is the park's cleaner that was sent there for community service. He has a close call in the Ozraptor Pen and is nearly trapped in them pen with them. He survives the rampage.

Chloe Bennett

Chloe Bennett is the 32 year old French-Australian deuteragonist, love interest of Wyatt and one of the playable characters. She is the Assistant to the Assistant Manager of the Park and supervisor of Wyatt King, they late begin a relationship after they escape the Carchardontosaur's rampage.

Jessica Bennett

Jessica Bennett is the 14 year old niece of Chloe Bennett and one of the playable characters. She is sent to park by her parents so she could study dinosaurs up close to for her biology studies. She is devoured by the Carchardontosaurus and is the only playable character to be killed.

Theodore Irwin

Theodore is the African-Aborigine Australian manager of the Park and is one of the people who manages to escape the park. He saves Jessica and Chloe from the Australovenators that escaped their pens after the park Blackouts. Is last scene leaving the Island with Wyatt and Chloe.

Matilda Benson

Matilda is the estranged daughter of 14 year old daughter of Theodore, she is home schooled and often spends are time in the Park. She becomes friends with Jessica Bennett, and is grief stricken when Jessica is killed. She manages to escape while her father remained to help Wyatt and Chloe escape.

Jack Florence

Jack is one of the cleaners for the Island and is killed by Australovenators after he opens their pen by mistake. Although his mistake did cost him his life, it saved the lives of Theodore, Wyatt and Chloe. He is an Zealander-Australian.

Tim Murphy

Tim Murphy makes a minor appearance whom observes the Park, but leaves to return to Australia to see his boss. He doesn't have a role during the Blackout or the rampage.



  • 1 Carchardontosaurus - Main Antagonist
  • 10 Australovenators - Secondary Antagonists
  • 1 Acrocanthosaurus - Tertiary Antagonist

Minor roles

  • 1 Tarbosaurus - Killed by Tyrannosaurus
  • 1 Tyrannosaurus - Killed by Carchardontosaurus
  • 1 Allosaurus
  • 23 Minmi
  • 2 Rapator
  • 3 Leaellynasaura
  • 1 Deinosuchus
  • 1 Nanotyrannus


  • Tyrannotitan - Mentioned as a gigantic source to Spinotitan.
  • Suchomimus
  • Nanuqsaurus - Wyatt confused the Nanotyrannus with Nanuqsaurus believing they have the same name.
  • Indominus Rex - Theodore contemplated on making his own hybrid seconds before the Blackout started.
  • Spinotitan - Name found on the DNA vials that Matilda and Jessica stole from the Hybridization lab. Genetic make is unknown.

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