John Hammond:

By 2020, International Genetic Technologies had succeeded in their design 
- to genetically recreate the dinosaurs. 
It was an unprecedented accomplishment - the pinnacle of 20th century science. 
A work to rank with the achievements of Galileo or Einstein. 
Baby louie black lo res

John Hammond:

The InGen technology would be historic. We were planning to conquer time's power  
over life, its power to extinguish and erase. It would change all of our lives, 
as profoundly, as irrevocably as the atomic bomb.

John Hammond:

But it was not all so easy or so simple as it appeared. 
All dinosaurs die juvenile...

Laura sorkin:

This place should become a natural preserve, NOT a zoo!

Dr. Chang:

Henry Wu! Tell me, why did you kill Norman Atherton?


InGen STOLE our land! Now we will take it back!
The andromeda strain 2008 04 stor

Lori Ruso:

All dinosaurs are infected by an ancient lifeform, that I dubbed 
"Andromeda Strain". It causes rapid, fatal blood clotting. Now... 
it has started to infect humans...

Irene Corts:

All this technology and money should have been used for the benefit of 
the living, not to resurrect extinct monsters because they're popular.

Monk: You guys, started to clone humans?!


Francis White:

I fled into the jungle. Human society never really had anything for me, 
it's corrupt and ungly. Out here everything's pure. The way it was meant to be. 
There's no lies, no hetred, no cruelty. Just survival.

John Hammond:

One seldom hears the true history of such events. 
What happened at the place where the world changed. 
How it began... what were the reasons... what was the cost.

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