Prometheus Adam Louvre

Nicolas-Sébastien Adam depiction of the Titan Prometheus, 1762.

Ever since the release of Jurassic Park III JP fans have speculated what the story a new Jurassic Park film should be. Although most fans favour a sequel, voices have been raised for a prequel.

I never believed that a succesfull JP prequel story, written or filmed, could be made. How can an exciting story take place against the background of the long and slightly boring process of dinosaur cloning. Furthermore, even when you set the story at the moment the dinosaurs are already clone and adult, the opportunities are limited. What else can happen than the breakout of some carnivores and protagonists trying to recapture them? Although this might be interesting for a hardcore JP fan, I don't think that non-JP fans would take notice of it.

However, recently I changed my mind. I think a small series of short prequel stories could be somewhat interesting. That series I've called Jurassic Park: Prometheus.

Jurassic Park prequels

The first to create a prequel story was Topps comics. Their comics Genesis and Betrayal take place before the events of (their version of) the famous movie. These comics show that it isn't easy to create a good prequel story. In these comics all dinosaurs are already cloned and grown to adulthood. The carnivores break out because some mice nibbled on the electricity cables (solid storytelling!) and caused a blackout. As you would guess, the entire story consists of Muldoon trying to recapture the carnivores.

For good reason, that was the only JP prequel to appear in the JP franchise. Fans have also undertaken the challenge to create a prequel story. The most serious attempt is the Jurassic Park: Origins project. It is still a work in progress, would the filming locations and artwork seem to suggest the story will take place at Isla Nublar (ergo when the dinosaurs are already created). Only time can tell if the short film will be succesfull among JP fans and the general public.

On this fan fiction wiki also attempts are made to create prequels. Among them are InGen's Rise, Prologue, Jurassic Park: Genetic Revolution, Jurassic Park:The Prologue and Jurassic Park: Genesis. However, most of these are clearly not finished yet.

Difficulties with prequels





Any ideas?

I am open to any constructive criticism, advise or ideas for this fan fiction. Just post them on the Talk pages.

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