A chopper is shown flying over Isla Sorna.

Kenneth Tern gets out.

The camera pans rapidly to show a grazing herd of Apatosaurus and Iguanadon, while a flock of Pteranodon hover in the distance.

The series main theme begins playing.

The screen goes black.

Jamie Bell

Kenneth Tern can be seen gaping at the main lab.

Norman Atherton, a.k.a Doc, begins narrating.

"We though we knew what we were doing."

The screen goes black again.

Daniel Dae Kim

Dr. Chang can be seen helping a baby Troodon out of it's shell. The Troodon attempts to bite him.

"We though we could cheat Mother Nature."


Bill Cobbs

Laura Sorkin stares disdainfully at the holding pen for the Parasaurolophus.

Doc looks up from reading a dot-matrix computer printout, obviously quite shocked.

"We couldn't have been more wrong."


Directed by Steven Spielberg.

The Pteranodons circle in the aviary as Kenneth gapes.

Laura Sorkin: You think you can just play God here?

John Hammond: I know what I'm doing.

A pack of Troodon can be seen chasing Kenneth Tern, Creight Chang and Doc Norman Atherton through a maze of tunnels.

Laura Sorkin is glaring at John Hammond, sitting at his desk across from him.

Dr. Sorkin: No, you don't.

Henry Wu is running through the hallways.

A Spinosaurus swipes at a Carnotaurus at the edge of the cliff from The Lost World: Jurassic Park.

Deborah Hollace embraces Dr. Chang in a safehouse.

Doc: If you play with fire...

An explosion rips through the tunnels.

Raptors fight the Troodon in the series of tunnels underneath the InGen Compound.

A Deinosuchus lunges out of the water and grabs a motorboat.

Three Pteranodons chase Kenneth Tern and Dr. Chang.

A Carnotaurus, invisible in the night, reveals itself and charges, roaring.


The music ceases.

Doc: get your fingers burned.

The Jurassic Park theme starts playing.

The Jurassic Park: Genesis logo appears.

Black again.

Coming soon.

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