The Jurassic Park opening theme is heard.

A chopper can be seen flying over an island, Isla Sorna.

The second beat is heard.

Do you know the story of Jurassic Park?

The chopper can be seen landing near the InGen Compound, as seen in Jurassic Park III but not overgrown and abandoned - this is a proud and modern building.

The third beat is heard.

You don't know the half of it.

Dr. Kenneth Tern (Jamie Bell) can be seen looking up at something above him.

The camera turns to reveal a Pteranodon soaring overhead.

The main theme from Jurassic Park, as heard when Alan Grant first sees the Brachiosaurus, is played.

By following the flight of the Pteranodon, our gaze shifts to a herd of Apatosaurus grazing in a large savannah-type region, with several Parasaurolophus and Iguanadon grazing nearby and a pair of Stegosaurus chewing on shrubs closer to the foreground.

The screen turns black again.

Now, see how InGen pulled it off.

Kenneth Tern, awestruck, is walking towards the dinosaurs.


Jamie Bell

The Pteranodon is joined by four others.


Daniel Kae Kim

The five Pteranodons fly towards the camera.

The music reaches a crescendo.


Bill Cobbs

Kenneth Tern falls to his knees, overcome by emotion.

The Pteranodon flock fly close overhead and soar into the sky.

The Jurassic Park: Genesis logo appears.

Kenneth Tern shakes his head, points, and says "It's a dinosaur," reminiscent of Dr. Grant's line in Jurassic Park.


The music ceases.

Coming soon.

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