A jungle is shown, Isla Sorna as seen in Jurassic Park III.

The scene pans to show a dinosaur footprint (from a large carnivore) full of water.

A distant rumble is heard, and ripples float across the water, in reference to the scene from the first movie.

The rumbles re-occur four times, each time getting deeper and louder.

The reflection of a Giganotosaurus is shown in the water. It growls menacingly.

The Giganotosaurus roars (using a deepened lion roar combined with deepened whale song) and the screen blackens.

The Jurassic Park theme starts playing.

The Jurassic Park: Genesis logo appears.

Three pairs of Troodon eyes appear in the shadows and a Troodon distress call (the one adapted from an elk) is heard.

A Troodon darts across the screen and a new sign appears.

Coming soon.

The screen fades to black and a Spinosaurus growl can be heard.

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