Charlie Hanson was a Poor Bloke, stuck in a low-paying job where he toured people round islands near Costa Rica. He was a BIT excited though as he was  going to be the first tour guide to give a tour around Isla Sorkin. As he took off and  saw the Beutiful island, he cound not help but to marvel its beauty. Below him... something was moving.... THUMP. The engines suddenly detached from his boat. Worried, He looked around him, spotting a large shape disappear under the depths. Satisfied, he turned around and Screamed.  A large Beast leapt out of the water and Crunched down on his skull, splitting in two. As the front of his face started to fall off  he felt a warmth. Then Pitch Black.  Then nothing.


Chapter 1

Daniel Morris Flipped open the newspaper, The Daily Fossil and found a rather interesting story.

'Tour Guide Goes Missing Near Isla Sorkin'

" This could be interesting" said Daniel.

He phoned up Dinosaur-Vet expert, Gary Harding, To find out what happened.

"This is Gary, Who is it?"

"Hello good sir," Daniel Replied" I was reading The daily Fossil and wanted to find out what happened to that tour guide."

"Well Mr Daniel, Im not to sure myself, im orginising a small team to go to Isla Sorkin to Find out what happened, want to come along?"

"Would I!" Yelled Daniel, This was his dream! To Meet a Dinosaur expert in real life. " Yes!"

"Well my good sir, You better get to Costa Rica tomorrow, Thats when we are leaving."

"Great, I live there!"

"Well, See you tomorrow." The Phone hanged up.

Daniel Went to bed that night and dreamed about his adventure for tomorrow. In his dream he hoped to have a amazing time and hoped to document the animals. However, his experience would be Much, much worse.

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