Jurassic Park: Attack  

Jp attack

Jurassic park attack is set on isla Sauna after the events of JpIII.

Its mechanics are literally the avme as Left 4 Dead,but with dinos instead of zombies.

the characters are:

Daniel: Smart, former Ingen employee.(25 years old)

Mille: fit,animal handler (18 years old)

Max: Geek, programmer(33 years old)

Sally: sly,former FBI agent(28 years old)

The Dinosaurs are:

Raptor : jumps on pray and slashes at them

Stegosaur: uses tail to grab people and pull tem away

Deinosucus: vomits fish guts on you to make dinos attack

T-rex: uses jaws to attackand oblitarate teams

Compy puppet: compys killed someone and will sit in body,when humans come to investigate body will attack,if bodys shot the compys will be relesed

Triceratops: charges at you

Dilophosaur: spits acid at you

microraptor: jumps on head to pull you away from teammates

Stages (wip)

1. No Safety

2. Crash Craft

3. Blood Toll

4. Slaughter swamp

5. Meat Harvest

6. The Sacrifice

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