Jurassic Park:The Prologue: Chapter 8 The Chase...

He looked at it, seeing its enormous colorful sail, starting from its back, to the tail. Its long arms were heavily built, and God, those hooked claws. It reminded him of a prehistoric crocodile on two legs, with a head mimicking like one. It was twice the size of one, maybe even more. Its teeth were disgusting, crooked with awkward sizes. God, what monster had he seen.

He tried to stay out of his searching eyes, and his horrible crocodile jaws by hiding behind the tall trees. The monster turned around, as if it lost interest. Monteo felt a relief. What the hell was his name again? Spinysaurus Egipt? He thought, then he reminded himself he shouldn't be worried about a damn creatures name, but not ending up as a midnight snack.

The Spinosaurus opened its jaws, then slightly closed it, the action was continuously, slowly, repeated. Monteo felt a chill in his back. What was it trying to do? Before he could answer, he realized he was too late. The Spinosaurus had spotted him. Jesus, it probably smelled him. He had to think quick. Monteo began to run, run for his life. Then the Spinosaurus followed.

He was thinking as if it were his last seconds on this planet, maybe he could outsmart it. The Spinosaurus was big, but not smart. He had to turn quickly, he had to hide. The Spinosaurus let out a roar, a loud-loud roar; the roar popped his ears. Jesus. Don't look back he told to himself.

Monteo could hear his fast footsteps splash the muddy forest, while the Spinosaurus shook the ground each step it took. His heart was pumping on a fast pace, he could already hear the Spinosaurus's breath. Suddenly, his face touched the soaking wet dirt. Bloody hell . Monteo froze in shock. The Spinosaurus was just meters away, and he was going to be his meal. He prepared himself for the worst, either to be stepped on or be eaten alive. The Spinosaurus bent over, dripping saliva onto him, Jesus, it was disgusting. It opened its mouth, showing his predatory teeth. The greatest predator to have walked the Earth. He remembered seeing that in his to-be exhibit. Suddenly, the Spinosaurus stopped. The Spinosaurus closed and opened his jaws again. Something is here. The Spinosaurus began to growl, like a giant dog. It let out a terrifying roar, showing its anger. A second roared responded. Monteo looked around his surroundings, and stopped. He saw it too. Coming from the dense fog, he saw a dark shadow. Something big. As it got closer, he could make out a figure. It was a predator.

To be continued...

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