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On the island of Isla Decka, the forth of the five deaths, dinosaurs still thrive, for this island wasn't nuked.The radiation fro the nuke caused fish to get poisoned, and one dinosaur ate the fish and mutated into a super dinosaur... Baryonyx!


Nelis Jones-A photographer who crash landed on the island.He saw Tyrannosaurus Rex and ran for the rpg but was blocked by raptors and killed.

Duncan Harris-A naturalist who crash landed on the island.He managed to escape Baryonyx and get on the boat before the napalm bombs came.

Rony Gerry-A comic who crash landed on the island.She and Duncan where the only survivers.

Bary-A mutated Baryonyx causing havoc on Isla Decka.Killed by napalm bombs.

Rex-A T-rex that fought Bary and lost.He either died from blood loss from Bary's bite, or the napalm.


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Three people wish to land on Isla Decka to abserve the last of the dinosaurs, until something goes wrong...

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