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Ever since Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis was created, we have been waiting for a sequel, but nobody has heard of a JPOG II despite their pleas. Some people don't think that a JPOG II will be made.It will be released for the DS (if it is still in stores), 3DS, PS4, XBOX ONE, Wii (if it is still in stores), Wii U, PS VITA (if it is still in stores), and PC on November 22, 2015, possibly some delays between console releases and country releases. Here, I present to you, Jurassic Park:Operation Genesis II!

Cover: Tyrannosaurus Rex roaring at Spinosaurus, not actually battling. An Oxalaia's sail is in the background.

Background: A park and an island, with multiple dinosaur species. Park has buildings, people, fences, etc.

Tagline: Dream, Build, and Survive... AGAIN!




Not unlike the first game, the player's main objective is simple: create a

A JPOG II Site B Island.

theme park/zoo featuring dinosaurs, make it popular, and make it safe with a 5-star rating. But the graphics, gameplay, and assortment of many buildings, dinosaurs, modes and options make it seem like a whole new game. Skins are avaliable, some as downloadable content, including different colors. An example of Downloadable Content is the "Crusher" Skin, a popular modification of the first game.

Prehistoric Creatures

Small Herbivores

Kentrosaurus aethiopicus

Dryosaurus altus

Pachycepalosaurus Wyomingensis

Homolocepale calathocercos

All 3 species of Prenocephale

Both species of Stegoceras

Nodosaurus textilis

Large Herbivores

Both species of Amphicoelias

Argentinosaurus Huinculensis

Paralititan Stromeri

Both species of Stegosaurus

Brachiosaurus altihorax

Camarasaurus Supermeus

Giraffatitan Brancai

Ankylosaurus Magniventris

Ouranosaurus Nigeriensis

Seismosaurus Hallorum

Diplodocus Carnegii

Supersaurus Viviane

Lusotitan Atalaiensis

Apatosaurus Louisae

Edmontosaurus (Both Species)

Parasaurolophus (Both Species)

Corythosaurus Casuraius

Prosaurolophus (Both Species)

Saurolophus (All four species)

Hypracosaurus Alitspinus

Lambeosaurus (All three species)

Maiasaura Peeblesourum

Charnosaurus Jiayinensis

Tenontosaurus (Both Species)

Hadrosaurus Foulkii

Olorotitan Arharensis


Small Carnivores

Velociraptor nublarensis

Masiakasaurus knopfleri

Carnotaurus sastrei

Majungasaurus crenatissimus

Large Carnivores

Tyrannosaurus rex Spinosaurus aegypticus

%Tyrannosaurus rex "ultimus"

&Spinosaurus aegypticus "robustus"

'%'Oxalaia quilombensis hadeni

Small Omnivores

Gallimimus Bullatus

Protoceratops (Both Species)

Styracosaurus Albertensis

Large Omnivores

Deinocherius Mirificus

Therizinosaurus Cheloniformis

Triceratops Horridus

Titanoceratops Ouranos

Torosaurus Latus

Pentaceratops Sternbergii

Nasutoceratops 'titusi

&Robustus is a nickname for the Spinosaurus in Jurassic Park III

% means DLC


  • Many of the dinosaurs, such as Oxalaia and Nasutoceratops, were described after 2010.

    When larger creatures come into inter-species contact, they may fight to the death.

  • The behaviors of the dinosaurs are much more natural, such as the fact they are likely to stay closer to their territory than barging into another's territory and killing it's owner.
  • The tourists are more lively, and more like Zoo Tycoon 2. They are more curious about loose dinosaurs, and incredibly rarely, they may tame them. This is more common with small herbivores.
  • Multiple fence types are avaliable, and plants and rocks can be placed manuable.
  • You can go into tourist mode, and do things such as clean paths, fix fences, and lure dinosaurs manually.

Death Duels

Death Duels are a mechanic first implemented in JPOG1. The winner is random, and will gain injuries from battle, such as severed limbs or bloodied anythings. The dinosaurs with the most injuries but few health issues gain more popularity.

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