Isla ezperanza

Isla Esperanza, home of Jurassic Land

Jurassic Land was the park built after the 2015 Isla Nublar Incident. They kept the dinosaurs under control by taming them.



Staff and Equipment



Marauder, the responder vehicle chosen by Jurassic Land.

As with the previous the parks, Jurassic Land has a responder vehicle. The Jurassic Land Responder vehicle happens to be the Marauder. It was chosen as the ideal responder vehicle for Jurassic Land due to it being able to withstand heavy hits, and it's being a domesticated military vehicle.


Jurassic Land uses several handlers to keep the dinosaurs calm. Jurassic Land is very humane, the dinosaurs are treated with respect and compassion. The handlers are more trainers than anything else. This is why the park is so successful, the dinosaurs like humans.


Animal attractions

Sky tram

The sky tram is one of the main attractions in Jurassic Land it takes the visitors over several of the enclosures, and gives them an aerial view

The Godzilla Arena

The Godzilla arena is one of the most popular attractions in Jurassic Land, it has a real, live Goji facing giant robotic threats. The Goji, nicknamed Fukushima, is very kind, and is a gentle giant. However, it still can pack a punch, and defend people when needed.

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