Pd Saurophaganax


A giant Jurassic Monster is shown:Saurophganax Maximus.

Stronger and bigger than Allosaurus and Torvosaurus,this was the King of the Jurassic Era(205-146mya).

It had horns on it's head for attacking prey,as they had serrated edges,like our Ceratosaurus.

First thought be Allosaurus Maximus,Saurophagnax was different than it's cousin in many ways.

The info is:

Saurophagnax Maximus,the Reptile-eating Master,was the largest Jurassic carnivore.

At an astonishing 18ft tall(6m),43ft long(13m),and weighed 7.5-8.5 tons.

It would prey on Dryosaurs,Stegosaurs,Sauropods,and if food was scarce,Ceratosaurus,Allosaurus,and Torvosaurus.

It would also be a cannibal at times.

It has horns on the top of it's cranimum,like Ceratosaurus.

The Saurophaganax's 25,000 newton bite could crush a Torvosaurus's skull.

The Reptile-Eating Master used it's claws and maws to kill prey.

It is known as the Shark of the Jurassic.

Enjoy The Reptile-Eating Master,Saurophagnax Maximus!

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