This story takes place at least two months after the events in "Jail Break". Malachite has somehow escaped her underwater prison and wondered onto the Jurassic Park island "Isla Sorna". A boulder falls onto her head, effectively splitting her into Lapis Lazuli and Jasper. Lapis ends up on another part of the island, with Jasper searching for her. As she begins her search, a pack of Velociraptors attacks her, and she fights back. Meanwhile, on the other side of the island, Lapis awakens, disoriented and surprised at her new surroundings. Suddenly, a large bull Spinosaurus appears from the forest and pursues her. She summons a water clone of the creature to distract it while she escapes. While running, she comes across an abandoned "InGen" building and remembers hearing stories about them. This causes her to realize she's on one of the Jurassic Park islands. Just then, a Dilophosaurus comes out of the bushes, appearing friendly at first, but then it spreads it's frill, hisses at Lapis, and spits it's venom at her. The rest of the Dilophosaur's pack comes out, but before they can attack and kill her, stomping is heard, scaring the creatures off. After the creatures leave, a male and female T-rex come out of the forest and growl at Lapis, not taking too kindly to her being in their territory. Lapis, feeling threatened, summons water clones of the dinosaurs, whom the real dinos defeat with ease. Before they can attack Lapis, however, the Spinosaurus returns, having defeated it's water clone, and engages the Rexes in combat. The Spino kills the female, sparking anger in the male, who fiercely attacks the Spino. The Spino manages to pin the Rex down, but before it can kill him, Lapis chains the Spino with her hydrokinesis and drags it into the lake in hopes of drowning it. However, because of the creature's semi-aquatic nature and strength, it escapes and continues it's assault. However, before it can kill Lapis, the Rex rams it, grabs it by the throat, and rips it's head off, effectively killing it. He then turns his attention toward Lapis, but instead of attacking her, he licks her and takes her to his nest, having given her his trust. There, the Rex's eggs hatch, and the runt of the litter takes a liking to Lapis, who returns the feelings. However, as they begin bonding, Jasper arrives, having won her conflict with the raptors, wearing their bones as armor, and wielding a skinned raptor tail like a sword. She prepares to attack Lapis when the T-rex grabs her in his jaws, shakes her around, and feeds her to his offspring. Lapis and the runt then bid eachother farewell, and Lapis summons her wings, bids the adult farewell, and flies off with Velociraptors looking on.

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