Jurassic Earth
Author R.W. Bain
Publication date TBA 2015
Published by
Publication Order
Preceded by
Jurassic World
Followed by
Jurassic Park 6
Jurassic Earth, is a 2015 Jurassic Park fan fiction written by up-and-coming fan fiction author R.W. Bain (DaekerCroft). The concept was derived from a scrapped version of Jurassic Park 4's script with heavy alterations and changes in cast.

Plot (Minor Spoilers)

Jurassic Earth takes place four years after the events of Jurassic World (though the events of the film are only briefly mentioned) and follows Sarah Harding along with her colleague Amanda Gennaro, daughter of the deceased lawyer Donald Gennaro, as they travel to the heart of Africa to study the early stages of emerging lion pride. While in the field, Sarah discovers the mutilated corpse of a lioness. Amanda believes it to be poachers, but Sarah does not, pointing out that the marks in the flesh are from large teeth, not a hunting knife.

The same night, the village they are staying in is attacked. The two aren't able to catch a glimpse, but the frightened natives describe the attacker as KONGAMATO; a huge flying reptile that picks up villagers, who are never seen again, and carries them away to it's nest. Sarah immediately associates the description with that of a Pteranodon, leading her to seek out a villager willing to guide them to where "Kongamato" lays it's nest. What they ultimately find is far worse than either could have imagined. A recently abandoned genetics facility with evidence of illegal bio-weapon research, plunging them into a fight for survival and a race to save the global ecosystem from catastrophic contamination.

Characters (Minor Spoilers)

Sarah Harding; Predator researcher, spent some time on Isla Sorna and survived many years ago along with her now ex-boyfriend Ian Malcom who she remains close friends with.

Amanda Genarro; Colleague of Sarah Harding, also studying predators. Daughter of deceased lawyer Donald Gennaro, has been close friends with Sarah for many years.

Nathan Bello; Another Colleague of Sarah's, one who she hasn't seen for some time. Has been her contact in Africa for quite some time and is the one who informed her of the emerging lion pride that brought her back to Africa.

Dr. Henry Wu; Accomplished geneticist, largely responsible for the resurrection of the dinosaurs seen in the failed Jurassic Park, and the recently demolished Jurassic World.

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