Jurassic Attack
Author M.E. McCoy
Publication date June 22nd, 2017
Published by Jurassic Park Fanon
Publication Order
Preceded by
Jurassic Park: Raptor
Followed by
Jurassic Attack 2

Jurassic Attack is a 2016 Jurassic Park fan fiction, written by long-time-1993 JPFan M.E. McCoy (PurpleRanger). The content is based on the jurassic park comics raptor and raptor attack.



  • Dr. Alan Grant: A well known and respected paleontologist, His work on the Velociraptor has made him the best, He is also one of the isla nublar incident survivors back in 1993,
  • Dr. Ellie Sattler:
  • Dr. Ian Malcolm:
  • Dr. Laura Sorkin: Mentioned only, She can be seen in a photo found in her journal. Sorkin was devoured by the mosasaur
  • Dr. Jeremiah Fischer: He claims to work for ingen but his true alliance is with biosyn, He uses this as a cover to find the missing dinosaur embryos left behind by nedry,
  • Dr. LaDonna Belvedere:



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