Jurassic park fan characters (5)

Josiah Clover is an Enid Oklahoma resident who traveled to Costa Rica in an attempt to do what Eric Kirby did: Survive Isla Sorna, the island with the Jurassic Park dinosaurs.


Josiah is a brave, yet friendly teenager who takes charge of a situation whenever conflicts take place. He is also the serious type, but shows a calm, cool-acting personality when he is in a good mood. When in a bad mood, he will frown alot and glare at people he thinks made his friends upset.

He is highly protective of his friends and is viewed as a brother-like figure to Rita. He is also very strict and is often the voice of reason for his friends and he's always there to give advice to them or others. He never likes seeing Rita sad and does what he can to cheer her up. He is fiercely loyal, doing anything to keep those he is close to from harm, at any cost.


Josiah is a black teenage human, the most distinctive characteristics is his afro that he is trying to grow, a mustashe and goatee.

He is also (6'1") in height and is a bit muscular for his age, dispite for him having a bit of a muffin top. He does not let this bother him. He can run fast and can hold his own against any threat.

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