One of the reserve's many camps. This particularly courageous brachiosaur has come right up to the camp's perimeter fence, much to the interest of a young girl.

This is a tourist attraction I made up. It is a biological preserve located in the Chad Basin, and made in John Hammond's memory long after he died (a non-canonical event, but obviously an event to happen at some point). This nature preserve takes up an area the size of Texas to accommodate the vast herds of dinosaurs that call this preserve home. Before this preserve was made, the Chad Basin used to be a desert, but InGen spared no expense into transforming this lifeless basin into a fertile land of lush jungles and plains. Though the park of my story Jurassic Park Reborn is also a mainland preserve located in Africa, this is not intended to be the same park. In fact, this is meant to be a much more natural habitat for dinosaurs than Jurassic Park, and the dinosaurs are not separated by any fences or barriers whatsoever, and can intermingle as they please. Furthermore, this is the first park made by InGen to deliberately include dinosaurs of both sexes, so they can reproduce in the wild at a natural rate. This amazing reserve is even entirely open to the public. Visitors, however, cannot take a drive-through safari across the park like visitors to many African game reserves can, as this would be far too dangerous due to the many carnivorous dinosaurs roaming the jungles. However, paying customers are welcome to go on an aerial tour of the reserve, where helicopters fly visitors very low over the island, and they can spot a variety of dinosaur species on the plains and in the jungles below. Accommodation has also been taken into account, and a number of camps to accommodate visitors are present throughout the reserve, all of them surrounded by high electric fencing to keep the animals out.


    • Tyrannosaurus rex
    • Spinosaurus
    • Giganotosaurus
    • Allosaurus
    • Velociraptor
    • Carnotaurus
    • Ceratosaurus
    • Carcharodontosaurus
    • Dilophosaurus
    • Gallimimus
    • Parasaurolophus
    • Corythosaurus
    • Maiasaura
    • Edmontosaurus
    • Iguanodon
    • Hypsilophodon
    • Othnielia
    • Dryosaurus
    • Leaellynasaura
    • Brachiosaurus
    • Mamenchisaurus
    • Apatosaurus
    • Diplodocus
    • Amargasaurus
    • Ouranosaurus
    • Shunosaurus
    • Saltasaurus
    • Argentinosaurus
    • Metriacanthosaurus
    • Proceratosaurus
    • Suchomimus
    • Baryonyx
    • Irritator
    • Pteranodon
    • Quetzalcoatlus
    • Dimorphodon
    • Rhamphorhynchus
    • Archaeopteryx
    • Therizinosaurus
    • Gigantoraptor
    • Triceratops
    • Styracosaurus
    • Pentaceratops
    • Pachyrhinosaurus
    • Protoceratops
    • Psittacosaurus
    • Pachycephalosaurus
    • Prenocephale
    • Stegoceras
    • Stegosaurus
    • Kentrosaurus
    • Wuerhosaurus
    • Tuojiangosaurus
    • Ankylosaurus
    • Tarchia
    • Pinacosaurus
    • Euoplocephalus
    • Edmontonia
    • Polacanthus
    • Hylaeosaurus
    • Nodosaurus
    • Scelidosaurus
    • Scutellosaurus

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