Since Jurassic Park: The Game fits into the canon of the movies so perfectly, and since all three movies got their own toy lines, I think that the game deserves its own toy line. Here's my idea for a JP: The Game toy line. It is made by Kenner, and each toy comes with a collector card

Human Figures

  • Figure: Gerry Harding

Action Feature: Net Gun and Herrerasaurus Hatchling

Repaint: No

  • Figure: Jess Harding

Action Feature: Retracting Steel Trap and Tyrannosaurus hatchling

Repaint: No, but the Tyrannosaurus hatchling is a repaint of the one that came with the TLW Series 1 Ian Malcolm figure

  • Figure: Nima Cruz

Action Feature: Harpoon Gun and Troodon hatchling

Repaint: No

  • Figure: Billy Yoder

Action Feature: Tranq Pistol, Removable Dino Damage Wound, and Dilophosaurus hatchling

Repaint: Repaint of the JP 2011 mercenary figure, Dino Damage Wound is new.

  • Figure: Laura Sorkin

Action Feature: Lysine Spray Gun ("Lysine" actually water) and Parasaurolophus hatchling

Repaint: No

Dinosaur Figures

  • Figure: Tyrannosaurus

Code Name: Chomper

Action Feature: Removable Dino Damage Wound and Thrashing Action

Repaint: Repaint of the TLW Series 1 Thrasher T-rex figure, Dino Damage Wound is new

  • Figure: Velociraptor

Code Name: Raptor

Action Feature: Slashing Claws and Electronic Attack Screech

Repaint: Repaint of the JP Series 1 Electronic Velociraptor, electronics have been changed to be more movie-accurate

  • Figure: Troodon

Code Name: Phantom

Action Feature: Snapping Jaws, Slashing Claws, and Glow-in-the-Dark eyes

Repaint: No

  • Figure: Triceratops

Code Name: Charger

Action Feature: Head-thrusting Horn Attack

Repaint: No

  • Figure: Juvenile Tyrannosaurus

Code Name: Slasher

Action Feature: Re-Ak A-Tak Dino Roar and moving action

Repaint: Repaint of the JP/// T-Rex figure

  • Figure: Stegosaurus

Code Name: Spike

Action Feature: Removable Dino Damage Wound and Whip-tail Action

Repaint: Repaint of the TLW Series 1 Stegosaurus figure

  • Figure: Ornithosuchus

Code Name: Thrasher

Action Feature: Thrashing, Snapping Jaws

Repaint: Repaint of the TLW Series 2 Ornithosuchus figure

  • Figure: Dilophosaurus

Code Name: Spitter

Action Feature: Venom Spray (actually water)

Repaint: Repaint of the JP Series 1 Dilophosaurus figure

  • Figure: Pteranodon

Code Name: Flapper

Action Feature: Re-Ak A-Tak Dino Scream and Biting Action

Repaint: Repaint of the JP/// Alpha Pteranodon figure

  • Figure: Tylosaurus

Code Name: Sea Demon

Action Feature: Tail-swish Swimming Motion and Grasping Jaws

Repaint: No

  • Figure: Herrerasaurus

Code Name: Runner

Action Feature: Grasping Jaws and Running Leg Motion

Repaint: No

  • Figure: Parasaurolophus

Code Name: Trumpeter

Action Feature: Thrashing Head Action and Electronic Bellow

Repaint: Repaint of the TLW Series 1 Parasaurolophus figure

  • Figure: Apatosaurus

Code Name: Titan

Action Feature: Electronic Attack Roar and Whip-tail Action

Repaint: No

Vehicle Figures

  • Figure: Mercenary Chopper

Action Feature: Dino Net, Removable Passenger Ramp, and Whirling Action

Repaint: No

  • Figure: Bone Shaker Set

Action Feature: Attachable Coaster Cars (with wheels that can attach to the track), Three-foot long Coaster Track (assembly needed), Coaster Station (assembly also needed), Remote Control to move the Coaster Cars along the track, and Seat Belts that can attach to human figures

Repaint: No


  • Figure: Marine Facility

Action Feature: Mosasaur Tank that can be filled up with tap water, and within the tank is a Rotunda with Removable Roof Cap so figures placed within can remain dry even when completely submerged (because the rotunda will be completely underwater when the tank is filled up)

Well, that's it. Give this line your thoughts on the talk page.

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