Isla Vengar is actually very weird, because of its shape and some dinos. Oxalaia Dominium is the apex predator because of Isla Vengars spinosaurs. They are called "Dwarf spinos" because their height is 1.5 meters at top of head and 2 meters at top of sail. Then, T-Rexes on this island are scaled down too,but their height is 2.5 meters at top of head, which is bigger than the "Dwarf spino". Giganotosaurus is actually the only carnivore that is able to compete with Oxalia Dominium, but still, O.Dominium is 6 meters at top of head and Giga is 4.5. The largest short necked dinosaur on the island is Shantungosaurus,and the biggest out of all is Argentinasaurus, who is actually hunted by Oxalias. There is a female Oxalia Dominium called "Scarface". She got her name because her left eye was bitten off by a T-Rex when she was younger. Just like on Isla Gigantos (and actually all island in Dino Islands) the summers are really hot, but when winter comes, it becomes and icy desert. The dinosaurs here and on all islands on Dino Islands adapted to that by covering themselves completely by fur. In the "Ice age" period of Isla Vengar the apex predator (besides dinosaurs) is a thing called "The Yeti", which is probably a Gigantopithecus. There is an abandoned lab of InGen on Isla Vengar, which is rumored to be a little nesting ground for the smaller dinosaurs.

  • picture of Isla Vengar coming soon*

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