Isla Sorkin is where the  Juassic Park: Avenge Series takes place. 


The island may look quite mountainous from the 3d view but teres hardly any mountains at  all. there is a large cave in Mount Mosa, witch is the only area with snow. the rest of the island is covered in grasslands and a couple of lakes. The shore is covered in sand. Mosasaurs Prowl around the island, making Imports dangerous. 


Areas of the aisland

Sorkin East

Sorkin West

Sorkin South

Sorkin North

Mount Mosa

Para Plains

Decay Island

Ingen Center

Port Island


T-Rex (3)

Velociratops (11)

Triceratops (16)

Dilophosaurs (7)

Comsognathus (20)

Herrerasaurus (10)

Parasaur (22)

Troodon (11)

Mosasaur (1)

Brachiosaurus (15)

Carnotaurus (2)

Spinosaurus (1)

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