The Isla Pena Marine Facility was an experimental Marine Facility to research prehistoric aquatic animals. It was more of an observatory for marine animals. It was located on the Northeastern Bay and it was abandoned after Isla Pena was abandoned. There were 15 Species of Marine life in the facility.

A veiw of the facility.


Tylosaurus escaping

Marine Species

No.00000: Tylosaurus

No.1: Mosasaurus

No.2: Megalodon

Megalodon Swimming.

No.3 Cretoxyrina

No.4: Pliosaurus funkei (Preadator X)

No.5: Platecarpus

No.6: Liopleurodon

Liopleurodon Wandering.

No.7: Dolicorinthcops

No.8: Plesiosaurus

No.9: Ichthyosaurs

No.10: Helicorpripn

No.11: Xiphanctus

No.12: Dunkeletosetesus

No.13 Elasmosaurus

No.14: Basilosaurus

No. 15: Livyathan

No.Hybrid1-3Kronodonsaurus funkei

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