Isla Monstruo is an island neatly situated in the Lesser Antillies, being a bit smaller in size than Isla Sorna, though generally more varied in terms of species. It is a Biological Reserve.

In Februrary of 1967, the hispanic explorer Senuor Tacio  discovered the island, and decided that the island would be named "Isla Monstruo", after the hurricane that destroyed his home in Spain. In mid 1989, the company RaptorInc had purchased the island for 2,000,000 dollars from Senuor. 2004 rolled around, and the island was chosen as the place to build a dinosaur storeage facility for Jurassic World; a theme park on Isla Nublar that featured cloned dinosaurs as attractions.

Senour  had almost planned on buying back the island in 2015, only to discover his home had been overrun by dinosaurs due to a breach caused by Hurricane Joaquin.

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