Isla Nebulix is the location of a biological preserve that contains normal, hybrid and genetically engineered prehistoric creatures.


Isla Nebulix was found by A-Prehistory in 2000. They then began to populate it with dinosaurs. They then started creating genetically engineered dinosaurs and hybrids. This caused a black out and they escaped to the island. In 2006, the island was diversified by a group of prehistoric invertebrates being moved to the island.


The east coast of the Isla Nebulix is infested with rocky mountains, which have become a safe refuge for the Ice Age species, but killed many dinosaurs. The southern side has become very forested, with most large herbivores living there. In the center of the island, a small fortress has been created for research purposes. The north contains a large desert and in the lush west, rivers and lakes dot it.

Apex Predators

Nebulix is ruled by Tyrannosaurus Rex Infinion and Omegaspinus Drakorin.

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