If InGen wanted to recreate dinosaurs and build a computer-monitored theme park in the 80s and early 90s of th previous century, their technology had to be VERY advanced for their time. In our fan fictions we could solve this problem by telling that InGen bought their software and hardware from companies that produced very advanced technology.

In the novels of Michael Crichton many High Tech companies play a role. We could use these companies in our stories.

High Tech companies by Michael Crichton

  • Media Tronics (from Prey)
  • Xymos (from Prey)
  • Intel (from Congo)
  • TechGate, (from Timeline), produces computer chips
  • International Technology Corporation (from Timeline), corporation that produces Quantum computers
  • Nakamoto Corporation (from Rising Sun)
  • MicroCon (from Rising Sun)

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