An old man approaches Grant.

John Hammond.

The man says "Hello,I am John Parker Hammond,CEO of InGen and creator of the new Jurassic Park in Washington D.C.Who are you?"

"I am Alan Grant,a paleontologist,and this is my friend,Ellie Sattler, a paleobotanist."Grant says.

Ellie says "Pleased to meet you."

Hammond says"I need an opinion from a you two.I also need an opinion from a chaotican and a mathmacitcan."

Grant says"We'll go to Jurassic Park after we finish this which we should be done about...NOW."

Hammond says"Let's make those dinosaurs exhibits!"

Ellie says"The dinosaurs are Spinosaurus and Carcharodontosaurus."

Grant says"They are carnivores that live in Early Creatacous Africa,about 115-94mya.Spinosaurus was 25ft tall at it's sail (7m),52ft long (16m),and weighed 12 tons (22,000lbs)."

"The Carcharodontosaurus, is a carnivore that competed with Spinosaurus and Sarcosuchus for food.We also have Sarcosuchus DNA.Carcharodontosaurus was 20ft tall(6m),44ft long(13.4m),and weighed 8.8 tons(16,800lbs).Sarcosuchus was 44ft (13m),and weighed 11.5 tons(21,500lbs).

Hammond quotes"Shall we go to Jurassic Park?".

"Sure!",Alan says.

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