Godzilla vs Indominus Rex is a Fan-Film by Charlieman Pictures. It's a crossover of the Jurassic Park/World franchise with the Godzilla franchise. set to be released in 2016.


Two years after the events of Jurassic World, Isla Nublar is now a forbidden land. No one can go on it. And if they do, no one might come off it. But the island isn't the only one to be under satellite watch. M.UT.O.S are popping up in various sizes and shapes from the ocean, including one that shares a similarity to Godzilla. Fortunately for the humans, the creatures are peaceful and dwell on an island in the Pacific Ocean. Not wanting the events of the San Francisco incident to repeat, the humans do not attack them but instead study them in secret. The time of peace disappears, however, when an unknown M.U.T.O. attacks a military base. What's even worse: there's something chasing it. Something that is bigger, has more teeth, and is louder than it's prey.Soon the dawn of a war is at it's peak. It's a war between Monster and Dinosaur. Hope and Fear. King against Queen.


  • Godzilla (LegendaryGoji)
  • Baragon (ShodaiBara)
  • Zilla (ShodaiJira)
  • Megazilen
  • Winged Male M.U.T.O (ShodaiMuto)
  • Indominus Rex 
  • Spinorex
  • Dimorphodon
  • Stegoceratops (Adult and Infant)
  • Velociraptors (Blue, Hunter, and Viper)

Human Characters

  • Hunter Allan (Main protagonist)
  • Shannon Allan (Secondary main protagonist and Hunter's oldest child)
  • Sara Allan (Hunter's youngest child)
  • Richard Allan (Abtract antagonist and Hunter's little brother)
  • Sam Brody
  • Kari McKelle
  • General Douglas Toro
  • Owen Grady
  • Ford Brody


  • This film combines the Legendary Godzilla continuity into the Jurassic Park/World franchise.
  • This film marks the first appearance of the mutated Tyrannosaurs Megazilen and and the mutated Spinosaurus Spinorex.
  • The plot originally started out as a short film with Godzilla 2014, Indominus Rex, Stegoceratops, a Stegoceratops infant and Shannon being the only characters, but over time the plot has changed. GvIR will now be a feature length film that will feature several old and new monsters.

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