A long, long time ago,

On a tiny blue dot which would one day be called Earth,

Something observed a very different world

Through very different eyes

And though very different from our race,

It could dream

And be self-aware,


Processing it's own thoughts

Conscious and alive,

A maker of tools, buildings, art, weapons,

It was sapient.

It was like us.

It came at the end of an age

Long forgotten by mankind

And yet remembered

By those who dream of dinosaurs.

Those who ruled the planet for hundreds of millions of years

Fought for survival

Grew to immense sizes





And now they are fossils

Entombed in stone.

That creature knew it's kind was doomed

And that the oncoming storm

Would destroy all dinosaurs on the ground

The pterosaurs in the sky

And the leviathans of the sea.

And so it left behind a memory

Mosquitos entombed in amber

Buried in the ground

In vaults to preserve the DNA

Of blood sucked from dinosaurs

In mosquito-infested swamps

Bug-filled jungles

Swarms of botflies in the tundra

Lands where dinosaurs lived.

When a stone from the stars came crashing down,

That vaults remained,

And though time wore them down,

Amber still remained

And so did DNA

Preserved, against all odds,

To be found ages later

By a man with a dream,

Inspired by great fossils

Of dragons and giants

Brought back from the dead.

And that's how dinosaur DNA survived 65 million years

To build Jurassic Park.

John Hammond was not the true architect.

A poem I improvised for December 20th, as I won't be contributing to the wiki then. Happy anniversary/revolution!

Fantastic! Allons-y! Geronimo! 00:15, November 19, 2013 (UTC)

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